Sex- appeal, Sex –appeal and more Sex –appeal is what defines a Bond girl. There is no set rule on what kind of person a Bond girl will be or what role she will play. She may be an ally or an enemy of Bond, pivotal to the mission or simply an eye candy.

Here we take a look at the 10 most iconic bond girls ever

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# Honey Ryder

Actress – Ursula Andress

Nationality – Swiss

Movie –  Dr No ,1962

Ursula  Andress’s  portrayal of Honey Ryder is remembered as the first Bond Girl character. Hers is the  most memorable entrance as she emerges from the sea wearing only a small bikini. Normal by modern standards, this was deemed racy and controversial when the film was released in 1962. The image of her walking out of the sea wearing that bikini drastically increased bikini sales worldwide!


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# Tatiana Romanova

Actress –  Daniela Bianchi

Nationality – Italian

Movie – From Russia with Love, 1963

Daniela Bianchi is an italian born in 1942. This Bond girl is Former Miss Rome (1960) and Miss Universe (1960) first runner- up. Bianchi made about 15 film appearances. She was voted Miss Photogenic in the Miss Universe Pageant in 1960. The Defining dialogue because of which this bond girl is remembered is:

Tatiana: “The mechanism is… Oh James, James… Will you make love to me all the time in England?”

Bond: “Day and night. Go on about the mechanism.”


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# Jill Masterson

Actress – Shirley Eaton

Nationality – English

Movie – Goldfinger, 1964

Jill Masterson’s character was portrayed by English actress Shirley Eaton, born in 1937. In the movie she played Auric Goldfinger’s “escort” in Florida.Her iconic appearance is as the dead girl Goldfinger kills by coating in gold and leaving in Bond’s bed as a warning.


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# Contessa Teresa di Vicenzo

Actress – Diana Rigg

Nationality – English

Movie – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, 1969

Diana Rigg’s role of Contessa Teresa di Vicenzo was of the most important girl in Bond’s life, becoming Mrs Tracy Bond by the end of the film. Her importance was shown in next installments as well. James Bond in “Diamonds Are Forever” is seen ruthlessly interrogating her murder. In “For Your Eyes Only” Bond visits her grave in the beginning of the movie.


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# Pussy Galore

Actress – Honor Blackman

Nationality – British

Movie –  Goldfinger, 1964

She is an English actress born in 1925, making her the eldest of the Bond girls. The Defining dialogue ever from this Bond girl was :

Bond: Who are you?

Pussy Galore: My name is Pussy Galore.

Bond: I must be dreaming!


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# Mary Goodnight

Actress – Britt Ekland

Nationality – Swedish

Movie – The Man with a Golden Gun, 1974

Britt Eckland is a Swedish actress born in 1942. She is notable for having a bad luck streak throughout the film, going through everything from blocking Bond’s car in his arrival to Hong Kong to being tossed in a closet to being thrown inside the trunk of Scaramanga’s AMC Matador when merely trying to put a tracker in it.


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# Anya Amasova

Actress – Barbara Bach

Nationality – American

Movie –  The Spy Who Loved Me,1977

Barbara Bach is an American actress, born in the movie she is also known as “Agent Triple X”, Major Amasova is a KGB agent. Bond killed her lover, Sergei Barzov, while he was on a mission in Austria and so she seeks revenge for this.


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# Melina Havelock

Actress – Carole Bouquet

Nationality – French

Movie – For Your Eyes Only,1981

French actress Carole Bouquet was born in 1957. In the movie, she is a half-Greek and half-British young woman seeking revenge for her parents’ murder. She is famous to bear it all for the Bond at the end of the movie.


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# Natalya Simonova

Actress –  Izabella Scorupco

Nationality – Polish

Movie – The Golden Eye, 1995

Izabella Scorupco is a Polish-born Swedish actress born in 1970. Natalya Simonova is a Russian Level 2 Computer Programmer stationed at the top-secret Severnaya Space Weapons Control Center in Siberia, where she programs missile guidance systems. She survives Janus’ (a powerful crime syndicate) massacring of Severnaya and teams up with Bond to help him to take down former MI6 agent Alec Trevelyan, the mastermind behind the evil organization.


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# Vesper Lynd

Actress – Eva Green

Nationality – French

Movie – Casino Royale, 2006

Eva Green  is a French actress and model of French and Swedish descent born in 1980. In the movie Vesper finds  herself genuinely reciprocating Bond’s romantic feelings, and decides to negotiate a new deal to let Bond live in exchange for the money, and possibly sacrifice herself as well.