1) Exercise before a do

Ahead of a big night, spend an hour at the gym doing a mix of cardio and strength training. With instantly toned muscles and glowing skin, no one can stop you from getting a ten-on-ten.


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2) Dread that shaving-time skin irritation?

Leave on some shaving gel or cream for a few minutes before you shave to take the sting out.


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3) Chapped, scaly lips

Winter and chapped lips are synonymous. If rolling on a chap stick every few minutes hurts your ego, apply a homemade mix of sugar and oil (or sugar and butter) and leave it overnight.


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4) Tame those brows

If your eyebrows have a mind of their own and draw smirks wherever you go, dab a little hair gel before stepping out, to keep them in shape.


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5) Sweaty head

Blokes whose heads sweat every time they do, should try rolling a deodorant stick around their hairline and back of the neck. This keeps the hairline smelling fresh and reduces head perspiration.


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6) Damaged hair

For men with sensitive hair, rigorous towel rub may lead to split ends and damaged hair. Use a soft, old T-shirt to wipe sensitive hair dry.


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7) Hard nails

Blokes have tough nails and instead of struggling to cut them when they are dry, try to groom them after a long shower. Softer nails are easier to work with.


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8) Treating breakouts

Apply a homemade mixture of honey and aspirin to instantly reduce effects of acne and skin redness. Toothpastes are also a great alternative to soothe bug bites and acne irritation.


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9) Dry shampoo

If you don’t have time to wash your hair, rub in a handful of baby powder (or good quality talcum powder) and comb thoroughly. Shake out any excess powder and your hair will look bouncy and smell good.



10) Wild beard

Next time you shampoo and condition your hair, take a drop of conditioner and apply it to your beard too. You will come of the shower with a fresh, well-groomed beard.



11) Fresh without freshener

If you don’t have a mouth wash handy after a heavy party dinner, don’t forget to ask the host/hostess for a couple of cloves or a spoon of aniseed. These household ingredients have antiseptic properties that fight mouth bacteria.

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12) Removing permanent marks

If you have a permanent marker related accident on your face, body or clothes, try spraying a generous amount of aerosol deodorant on the area. Wipe with a clean paper towel or soft cloth towel and see the alcohol content in deodorant wipe out or lighten the mark.


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