Forget designer wear, designer beards are here.

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Gentlemen, let’s face it, what’s all the Gucci, Armani and Boss going to do if you do not have the right grooming in your kitty. Designer wear minus grooming is like soldiers at war with pistols against AK 47s. Good luck sir. Your gear is not what’s lying in your hanger or closet but the hair that’s lying on your head and the whiskers on that face. Gentlemen, a good designer brand needs the right designer beard. And here are 5 of the finest beard designs to don along with those luxuriant brands. And guess what? They don’t cost a bomb. Here are 5 of them:

The Startup Beard

long-stubble-beard-styles2 49 Coolest Beard Styles For Men [2017]

Courtesy: Beardstyle

So you’re a man on a mission going for your next pitch to an angel investor. Well get your game on with the perfect look. Don’t just give attention to detail on that presentation but also with those whiskers on your jaws. Have an even spread and trim it right, no stubbles. Has to be more wholesome. It gives you a stronger character and definition. Mr. Start Up, now end your presentation on a good note with the right tools, including a good trimmer.

Do it like the English

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The Old English beard has huskiness and vintage written all over it. It is a combo of a full beard, mutton chops and the door knocker. Although the length is medium, it covers the entire face, which makes it voluminous yet elegant as the cheekbones are more prominent.

The Pilot Moustache

Image result for anthony edwards top gun


A moustache that’s sharp, crisp and to the point. Reminds you of a high-flying pilot. Right? Remember Top Gun?  You see it’s not just the uniform but the grooming that makes this moustache such a potent weapon to impress the crowd. It goes very well with cropped hair and gives the impression of a man who knows a thing or two about perfection. The ideal length is slightly more than your upper lip and the growth has to be thick yet trimmed and neatly kept. So soldiers, time to grow one?

The Goatee and the Handlebar Moustache Combo

Image result for the goatee and handlebar moustache

Source: beardstyle

This one’s a classic, quite literally. A very popular classic beard design that’s back in fashion. It is a broad moustache worn long and curled up at the sides with a traditional goatee. The beard and moustache add depth to your facial features and adds persona to your character. Twirl them up, gentlemen.

Sideburns chin strap beard


Another beard design which requires minimum effort and yields maximum results. Yeah, this one’s all about trimming your sideburns and keeping it all along the jaw line up till your chin with a trimmed moustache. It’s supposed to be hot because it adds layer to your jaw line, something that’s very appealing to all the women out there.

So the next time you put on the attire make sure your you have the right beard design. And how do you ensure that? Simply order premium grooming products from The Man Company, which includes beard oil, beard wash and other natural ingredients to make that perfect first impression. Ready to design?

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