Beards Keep You Young

There is a common misconception that beards makes you look older.

However scientific evidence suggests otherwise. A beard acts like a filter taking the effects of pollutants or harsh UV upon itself, thus keeping your facial skin underneath youthful and blemish-free.


Health Benefits provided by Beard

Beards Protect Against Colds

Facial hair is a great way to keep the chill at bay!

By keeping the glands under your ears and throat covered, it mitigates the effect of extreme weather.

So grow a beard this winter and save your medical expenses.


Health Benefits provided by Beard

Beards Stave Off Allergies

Allergies are induced when your body makes contact with allergens like pollen grains in the air.

A full cover beard forms an impregnable layer surrounding your cheek, mouth and nose, thus cutting the exposure to allergens.


Health Benefits provided by Beard

Beards Shield against skin cancer

Instead of sweating under sunscreen lotions, grow a beard!

Beard forms a natural protective layer covering your skin from UV.

This way, you will not only save your skin from getting wrinkled before old age but also guard against skin cancer.

Health Benefits provided by Beard

Beards Keep Skin Hydrated

The fur on your face has more benefits.

It keeps the moisture locked inside your facial skin, while the hair keeps hot and cold air from turning your face dry.

The roots of your facial hair preserve the natural oil secreted by your skin glands.

On the other hand, people who go under the razor everyday have their glands eroded of the natual moisture.


Health Benefits provided by Beard


If you are still not unconvinced, sample this – you will spend 3350 hours shaving till you are 55, and by growing a beard you will save that many hours in better pursuits!

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