5 Mother’s Day gift ideas that’ll put a smile on your mom’s face.

“Don’t waste your money buying anything for me!”

And there goes your effort of buying a meaningful, useful gift for your mum that you are SURE she will like. Asking mothers what they’d like for a gift is as good as running around in a big circle. You’ll make a lot of effort sure, but you’ll end up getting nowhere.

So what do you do then? Spend a serious amount of moolah on buying something that she’ll most probably end up pretending to really like?

No Sir. Not while we’re here to suggest stuff that’ll pull on her heartstrings and leave her all misty-eyed. Or at the very least leave her with a smile on her face and a fuzzy feeling in her heart.

You were searching for “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas”? We’ll give you better:

Mother’s Day gift ideas that’ll put a smile on her face!

Okay, which are your favorite memories from when you were young?

That vacation from when you were eight years old? Those cherished visits to one of the very few restaurants in town? Visits from your cousins when summer holidays started?

Think of some more, and you will realize that the best things in life are experiences and not things. Okay, SOME might be things, but they will be few and far between.

So if you, all manned up and tough as nails have memories to bring you smiles, how important do you think those will be for your mom?

We believe that you’ll have gotten the drift of where we’re going with this.

The best Mother’s Day gift ideas for your mum will be the ones that create beautiful memories that she can cherish for life!

Hard pressed to figure what to do?

We have you covered!

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #1 – Cook Her a Special Brunch


Mother's Day Gift Brunch


Live with your parents? This one’s gonna be easy.

Live by yourself? You might have to loop in a family member.

Your mum’s been feeding you delicious stuff for YEARS now. It’s time to return the favor. And return it in STYLE!

What you gotta do, is prepare brunch for your mum (it’s Sunday), and serve it to her with a flourish. Now don’t let it be scrambled eggs and toast. She raised you to have better standards!

Go fancy. You have multiple options ranging from a full English brekkie to a delicious South Indian spread.

If you’ve a bit of time to practice, Martha Stewart has got a fantastic thing going especially for Mother’s Day. Click Here to visit her site.

For all the times that mum’s cooked for you, cook up a spread she’ll remember!

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #2 – Give Mom Her Boy Back


Mother's Day Gift Shave


Now we’re fans of beards, obviously. However, a majority of mothers don’t tend to share our enthusiasm for facial hair.

How many times has your mum asked you to shave that beard off and look civilized? We’re guessing the number could run into high hundreds. Something about a beard ticks mothers off. We don’t know what it is for sure, but it could be to do with getting her boy back.

So why don’t you give her just that? Shave off that beard as a Mother’s Day gift.

It’s a small sacrifice to make for mum. And honestly, with the help of our beard oils, you’ll end up growing one back in a jiffy!


Mother’s Day Gift Idea #3 – A Long Drive With Just You


Mother's Day Gift Drive


When was the last time you spent some quality time with your mum? Just you and her, talking about whatever it is that fancies her. Not recently?

Then it’s time to do it pronto. And what better a day than Mother’s Day, that’s also a Sunday (so the roads are going to be free of that irksome traffic)?

It’s something about two people driving around that opens up the floodgates of REAL conversation, there’s no one, no task and no other such sort of distraction to interrupt your tête-à-tête.

You could go for a long spin and maybe throw a lunch in there. Mum will enjoy the sights, your company and undivided attention. (Protip: Initiate a conversation and then LISTEN.)

And if the conversation runs out (we doubt it), make sure you have a playlist of her favorite music, and it’s carpool karaoke time!


Mother’s Day Gift Idea #4 – Relive Childhood


Mother's Day Gift Photo Album


Our generation is camera obsessed. In part due to digitization of photography and in part due to camera phones, we probably have a bazillion photographs of ourselves.

However that wasn’t so when we were kids. There was film, with it’s precious 32 exposures and if you are a millennial, the camera phones were, well, like earlier film cameras.

So all in all, most of the good pictures we have of us and our families are meaningful and each has a story attached to it.

So why don’t you do this? As a Mother’s Day gift, buy a physical photo album, sit with your mum for the afternoon, and fill it up.

Sort out those pictures one by one and you’ll realize that happy memories will come flooding through and both of you guys will be HAPPY by the time you fill the last page.


Mother’s Day Gift Idea #5 – A Restaurant Crawl


Mother's Day Gift Restaurant Crawl


Now this is more in line with the conventional and jaded, but a special twist firmly puts it into a “Brilliant Mother’s Day Gift idea”.

A restaurant crawl. Pretty much like a pub crawl, but with food.

So mum likes Chinese cuisine? Have starters at one restaurant that serves excellent Cantonese, one small main course at one which serves brilliant Sichuan, another which specializes at Hunan and then dessert at that small artisan waffle café with seating for just about 8.

Mum will love the thought you’ve put into researching the different restaurants and dishes. Also, you will impress her with your knowledge about something SHE likes.

Bonus? You guys will spend a nice long time together bouncing from place to place.

And what do moms want more than anything else in this world? To be able to spend some quality time with their kids who were always around her, but are now all grown up and hardly have any time.


Do tell us about the fantastic time you guys had later.

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