While some of us may have that serious, conventional 9-5 jobs, there are some people in the world who definitely rise above this convention and whether or not it's in a good way is upto you to ultimately decide, but here are a list of few jobs that are weird, they exist, and may wanna make you quit yours right now!

1. Professional Sleeper

Similar to a professinal snuggler, professional sleepers have a pretty cushy gig. This right here is a legitimate dream job. Not only do they get to show up at work in pajamas, they also get the most comfortable environments to support their sleep just right. Even though it's just for scientific studies at NASA, they're actually living the dream. Pretty cool, right?!

2. Netflix Tagger

Basically, you get to watch TV, get paid for it and still manage to make the world a better place. If you haven't dreamed of getting paid to watch TV, you're probably not human. This job employees people who watch content on netflix and enter keywords for the show so that it is easier for the actual audience to find their shows.

3. Liquor Brand Ambassador

Now this job here allows the ambassador to travel the world, promoting the brand, attending huge parties and meeting amazing people everyday! And let's not even get started on the pay – In Scotland, 15 lacs per month is paid to this ambassador, who basically represents the liquor brand. What's better than some free booze? More free booze!!

4. Water Slide Tester

Now this job is synonymous to ecstasy. You basically go around the world visiting water parks and testing all the slides. Yes, we love our high positions, but a free vacation never hurts right? And imagine your job being a vacation that you're paid for..

5. Tea Tasters

Just what the name says, a tea taster gets paid to sip tea all day. Tasters are expected to taste upwards of 200 cups of tea a day, and must be versed in every type of tea imaginable. Along with the delicious job description, tea tasters are required to travel around the world to test new suppliers and products. Free tea all day and paid vacations? Where do we sign up?