Sometimes you’ll face issues while getting ready and would wish for a quick fix! Well, we know your problems and we have the right, priceless fixes for them all! So here’s 7 issues that can be fixed with the blink of an eye in your everyday grooming!

Problem 1 – New Shoe Bite?

Solution – As appealing as new shoes are to the eyes – the feet aren’t their biggest fans. Shoe bites can be a real pain and there is one easy method to prevent it altogether! Just apply some lotion or talcum powder to bite prone areas such as between the toes and there you go, you have successfully taken precautions for shoe bites. P.S – the thickest socks in your wardrobe could help too, unless you hate sweating.

Problem 2 – Hungover Skin

Solution – Chances are that if you had a wild night, or just lacking sleep, your eye bags and puffy cheeks will instantly give it away. But we have a quick fix for that too! Just apply an ice cold pack on your face for 10 minutes as you wake up. It’ll definitely get rid of the puffiness and make you look fresher, even if you feel otherwise! Now it is also possible you’re running late and can’t shower – don’t worry, happens to the best of us! You can scrub a bit of talcum powder in your hair and voila, there goes the greasiness! Powder will act as a dry shampoo and will take away all the excess hair oil. Just apply a bit to your roots and comb away all traces!

Problem 3 – Your Zipper is Stuck!

Solution – It’s the most annoying when that happens – isn’t it? Especially when its outside the house.. can be extremely awkward. Now here’s the trick – you can just get graphite to do the trick for you! Graphite is easily available on the lead of a pencil so just pick one up and rub it against your zipper’s teeth as it acts like a lubricant and fixes the problem instantaneously.

Alternatively, assuming there isn’t a pencil around; you can just pick up a bar of dry soap and scratch it against the teeth. But be careful, it better be dry else you don’t want unnecessary water spots in that area.

Problem 4 – Uncontrollable Face Sweating

Solution – It’s common for people to sweat excessively in summers, but if you’re sweating throughout the year, you’re probably suffering from this disorder called hyperhidrosis. Yes, it sounds scary but don’t worry – it’s fixed with simple perspirant facial wipes. These are basically just deodorant wipes and a sure shot winner at reducing your sweat. They act as a wonderful astringent to facial sweat and really help keeping your face dry. Plus point is, they keep you super fresh and are handy so you can use them whenever!

Problem 5 – No Shaving Cream!

Solution – That terrible moment when you have this extremely important meeting, or a date, or whatever it may be and you run out of shaving cream! Well, there are tons and tons of alternatives for shaving cream. You have lotions, conditioners, soap, shampoo and so much more. They basically do the job of letting the razor glide easily and prevent razor burns. But make sure to do this only after taking a shower so as to soften your facial hair and smoothen the procedure.

Problem 6 – Your Junk Smells Funny

Solution – Sometimes days get really hot. Sometimes you also sweat a lot. And sometimes heat gets trapped faster in confined spaces. This phenomenon may cause your junk to smell funky! To avoid such a situation and keep the smell at bay just apply a dab of talcum powder or baby powder in the area and you’re good to go! Yes, it is that simple.

Problem 7 – Short Lived Scents During Monsoon

Solution – This weather is the worst for scents. It takes approximately 3 hours for a scent to entirely evaporate in this weather and can make you smell pretty weird – especially cause of the humidity! The trick is to be smarter about your fragrances. Use a fragrance-free moisturizer first as the oils help the scent lock down and then just spray over your body, under your clothes. Chest and biceps are must as evaporation rate is much slower there!