Well, it was a work of fiction, but you never know when a zombie apocalypse can break out! Luckily, we have a zombie- safe car now. Remember watching Resident Evil and all those zombie based movies in which flesh eating people are running behind you? If you have this car, you’ll be safe. Trust me, when I say safe. This care is not what you’d expected. It provides 360° protection and it is kind of a rock. Well, yeah. Armored, badass and safe, this car is totally worth it. Made in Toronto, Canada, the name is Inkas Sentry. It is a defense vehicle and can be used by the army and law enforcement agency. There are some points we want to throw some light on. Read on to know more..

1. It’s an APC

Armored personnel carrier. Made to survive in extreme heat or in snow.

2. Chassis

Believe it or not, it has a heavy duty truck chassis!

3. Protection 

Multi layer ballistic glasses, overlap system. Overlap system is to protect from bullets shot between the seams of the door. Nobody cared about that, I guess. NIJ-STD-0108.01 Level III and CEN Level BR7 ballistic standards were also met!

4. Engine

A car like that and not having an engine that is even more badass? This car has a 6.7-liter V8 turbocharged diesel engine with six speed transmission. It can transport as many as 8 people and has a horsepower of 362!

5. Measurements

5,969mm (length), 2,514mm (width) 2,489mm (height)

All those famous people spending millions on making their car protective should go for this one. More space is a perk!