A Foaming Face Wash that is good for everything

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The one-stop solution to all your facial worries

Our face is the most prominent and observable feature of our body. It sets us apart and makes our mark. It shows when we are tired, been exposed to too many atmospheric toxins, and haven’t been taking care of ourselves so well. Our face claims the expression of how we’re treating ourselves inside and out.

Therefore, it becomes important to make our face look and feel healthy. 

To the world that talks about a new go-to plan every week: an expensive salon, expert grooming treatments, and a range of cosmetic solutions, comes an easy answer to a radiant face: The Man Company Foaming Face Wash.

Okay, what is The Man Company Foaming Face Wash?

It is the resounding promise of an acne-free, energised, and healthy face that glows. 

With a built-in brush, this face wash exfoliates your face with each use. Its unique blend of natural ingredients soothes, heals, and hydrates your face. It takes care of your face by healing acne scars, preventing breakouts, reversing signs of ageing, and preventing flakiness. 

Face Wash with a built-in brush, tell me more..

This foaming face wash comes with a soft built-in brush. It is easy exfoliation for your face with every cleansing routine. The brush removes excess oil and impurities, leaving your face feel fresh and energized. By the virtue of its form, the brush improves blood circulation towards the face. This induces healing of scars and helps the facial skin to renew and radiate. It also you brush away the sun damage haunting your natural complexion.

It is as simple as pumping out some foam onto the brush, massaging it onto your face for a couple of minutes and rinsing. It not only rids your face of impurities, but also exfoliates it with each use bringing about a glow, reflective of a visit to the salon.

What makes this foaming face wash so special?

With this foaming face wash, a regime worth of radiance is met with each wash. It prevents dryness, reverses sun damage and soothes the skin. Moreover, it is a rich composition of natural ingredients like Neem, Green Tea Extracts and Amla that prevents acne and pimple breakouts and reduces the appearance of scars. It comes with the soothing properties of Aloe Vera and Cucumber that hydrates and soothes the skin. With that it prevents the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles, those clear signs of skin ageing. Thanks to the hydrating two, this face wash leaves your skin feeling moisturised with a gentle and cooling effect. Not just that, Aloe and Cucumber helps the skin maintain a healthy pH balance that can prevent flakiness or dryness.

In short, it is a one stop solution to all your face care worries and an easy to travel with buddy that can accompany our gentleman through all their endeavors. 

Try the power of foam now!

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