Do NOT Sweat It – A Guide To Avoid Excess Sweating

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Have you been sweating too much? Have you grown to hate summers, looking for a house in the mountains that doesn’t see the sun? Is that light colored shirt your friend gifted a distant dream to you? Don’t worry we’ve got you. 

Excess sweating or Hyperhidrosis is a condition that makes a human body sweat more than it is normal. One could find themselves perspiring without any workout or when it wasn’t particularly hot. One could be sitting still in an air conditioned room and still be soaking wet. 

While some might assume that you are always working at your body, sweating it out; too much sweat can be embarrassing. It can affect your self-esteem and make you restricted to dark, gothic colors to style with. Not just that, it can make your sensitive area vulnerable to fungal problems.

We hear you, are here for you. And we’ve compiled a list of lifestyle habits that can help you NOT sweat it as bad.

Balance Your Diet

Eat fibers. A lot, a lot of them. Not only does a side of salad help have better digestion, it can help you perspire less. Low fiber meals tend to push our digestive system to work harder to break down the food. High fats, especially unhealthy fats, make the body produce more heat. A heated body tends to sweat more and soak that date night shirt of yours. Fibrous diet provides your gut, quite literally, with a breather so it works easy on breaking down your food and is not as taxing on your body. Additionally, high fiber diets can make your nervous system feel happy and avoid stress and anxiety that adds to the soaking. 

Use Antiperspirants

Those childhood days of talcum powders that our dear mothers put on us, they won’t come back. Sigh. But we can take our summer care in our own hands by using over-the-counter antiperspirants that can help prevent our sweat glands from sweating in excess. Try The Man Company Anti Sweat Lotion which is gentle on sensitive skin. It moisturizes skin while keeping it dry so there’s no worry about too much drying out. What’s more, it safely defends your private areas against sweat and fungal infections.

Avoid Sweat Inducing Foods

Processed food, food with artificial sweeteners, caffeine, liquor, garlic, onion, and spicy and hot food can be as taxing on your digestive system as drinking a liter of oil. Only, the oil would make you throw up instantly. This food is going to take hours and hours of your precious metabolism to produce more heat and warmth, surfacing to your skin in form of bubbling sweat. Avoiding these sweat inducing foods can make your gut healthier and send healthy glow to your skin’s surface instead of fat-laced sweat responsible for irregular spotting.

Drink Water

And then drink some more. It might sound counterintuitive to include more water when your body’s water cycle is anyway peaking. But, having more water in the system can help cool your body down, help the gut, and lessen chances of odor. Speaking of odor, keep reading.

Smell Well

That’s totally in your hands. Be it through using earthy essential oils are The Man Company’s Bleu Body Perfume. Sweating makes one vulnerable to odors – the challenging brother of perspiration.

And the bacteria present in the environment are to blame. Keeping one fresh and rejuvenated through aromatic lemon baths or TMC’s Anti-Bacterial Body Wash can be the solution here.

Wear Breathable Fabrics

Linen or cotton, hemp or khadi, whatever suits your style and loves your body is what you must opt for. A problem of perspiration coupled with air tight attire is what we don’t want. So, it is important to choose fabrics that can be breathable and absorbent.

Opt For Undershirts

Grandpa did it and so did dad. The purpose of undershirts, especially if they are of breathable and absorbent fabrics like the ones mentioned above can help soak most of the sweat that wouldn’t dare to spoil your new work shirt. Say it with me, undershirts are good.

Well, it might seem a lot but it is definitely better than packing up your life and leaving for Canada to avoid sweating. 

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