A Man’s Time

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It takes a lot to be a Man and being a multi-tasking individual is one of them. The first step to being the Alpha is knowing & valuing your time. You aren’t responsible to just one single thing, there is family, there is work, there are your hobbies and most importantly there are your ‘Me’ times. How should you manage it all, without missing anything important and knowing where each task stands?

Take time to make time

Managing time requires work and the first thing to do is to start the day with some ‘Me’ time. This could be you at a walk or at a gym. As long as you aren’t disturbed and can let your mind stay blank for some time, it is a start.

Listing & Mapping

Just knowing your tasks isn’t enough. You need to sort & prioritize them to make sure they happen in a timeframe. Start your day by writing all the tasks at hand and all the related tasks alongside each task. This is called mapping, once mapped you have also made a note of the affiliated activities which need to be done. Prioritizing happens basis the importance you place on activity types, e.g. do family tasks come first or work related tasks come first, can you mix in some tasks?


The reason Superman gets beaten by Luthor is because he can’t delegate, he gets up only when Lois or someone else helps him out. Learn to delegate, give out the unimportant tasks that take away your time from priorities. There is a very delicate balance in seeing the big picture and having an eye for the finer details. You need to straddle the middle here, jumping on either side will let you lose out on the total benefits that you can enjoy.

Remove disturbances

Be ruthless in removing whatever disturbs you from achieving your potential. Your time is precious and nothing will make up for the time you lose. Take off times from messaging, phones, mails to get work done. Get into a quiet room or listen to the loudest music, the idea is to cut-off from things and focus.

80:20 principle

Always remember, 20% of your tasks give you 80% results and 80% of your tasks yield only 20% results. Also, 20% of your time will get 80% of your tasks done and 80% of your time will get only 20% of the tasks done. So, know which percentage you want to be done at all times. You won’t be able to finish all 100% of your tasks so know the important ones and junk or let out the unimportant ones.

Managing and making time is one of those skills which isn’t inborn. It is an art and needs practice, it is your own ways which will help you. These are general rules to know what managing time needs, there are a lot of specifics like maintaining diaries or planners and much more. Just start implementing these right now and be the MAN.

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