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Men, for ages, have been carrying the burden of masculine imagery imposed upon them by tradition. It is no doubt that self-care had to take the last seat in a bus full of other priorities. And at that, men’s grooming was a speck in the horizon.

There was a gap in how self-care was portrayed to men as a matter of basic toiletries. Our men surely deserved much more than a bar of soap and family shampoo. They deserved to get their grooming needs discovered and met. If not a trip to the Turkish Hamams, they deserved to get the care for their subjective hair and skin types, scents to enhance their style.

In 2012, our founders realized that they had to find a way to fill this gap. And on our 5th birthday, we are glad to walk you down the memory lane of a vision perceived and the vision achieved.

Conception of a One Stop Solution for Men’s Care

Our founders Hitesh Dhingra, Bhisham Bhateja, and Parvesh Bareja discovered this gap as an opportunity to accompany the modern men on their journeys of becoming gentlemen. They wanted to think bigger than just bath and shower. They want to think hair types, hair styles, beards and scents and provide to their gentle friends a premium range of products that equaled a visit to an expert’s care.

The Man Company was conceived and conceptualized in 2012-13 as a one stop solution for men to feel pampered and cared for. Not only did they want to help men excel their self-care games, they wanted to offer premium care, formed with meticulously arranged ingredients that were free of harmful chemicals and laced with handpicked essential oils.

Founding The Man Company

In 2015, The Man Company was officially launched as a company devoted to men’s grooming needs. It wasn’t just about bombarding men with products but nudging them to prioritize pampering themselves. They wanted to fulfill the needs of millennial men who wanted to boost their social status and yet set them apart.

The Man Company products were founded to cover a range of vital categories from head to toe, including Hair, Face, Body & Bath, Beard, Shave and Fragrance. The products had to stand out for being SLS and Paraben free, infused with essential oils and made with natural ingredients thus becoming personal care choices that were to render no harm. They wanted to make every gentleman out there feel pampered. They were set to offer them products infused with premium essential oils and delivered in a premium packaging.

It was all supposed to cause our men to exclaim, “Wow!”

TMC Partners

Our vision as a growing men’s brand was accentuated by our very many partners who put their faith in us and offered us a safe haven on their platforms. They helped us make expert grooming reachable to our audience. We boast of many such friends who’ve shared their spaces since 2016 for helping us meet our goals of making premium grooming care accessible to all our dear gentlemen.

We extend our gratitude to salons across 50+ major cities of the country, including Looks, Enrich, Bodycraft etc. to ensure that we were noticed and used by their customers. Retails outlets like Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Central, Health & Glow and Archies etc. made sure that we were just an arm’s length from our customers. Marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa and many more have helped us reach places where our presence would have otherwise been overruled.

On September 2019, Ayushmann Khurrana came onboard to share his resonance to the idea of gentleman that cares. And prioritizes himself, at that.

Our views and vision for a world where men are appreciated for the way they are, each a unique one with their vulnerabilities and strengths was shared by the actor. So we got together to share our thoughts with the world.

And what’s that given us, is an ever growing customer base that testify the fact that our mission has been achieved in flying colors.

TMC Grows

What started as a vision in 2015 was already being achieved in full force just 3 years after. In 2018, The Man Company experienced a 300% growth complimented by 65% sales from direct channels and a direct access to 7 lakh customers.

What was a whale’s tail in 2018, can now hear us celebrate the ever growing number of happy customers, currently standing at 2 million and more. Our customers, they are so happy with our range of products, premium packaging, customer service, and the fact that we render hassle free expert grooming possible for them. It seems like they’ve all found solutions to their life long grooming problems and we couldn’t be happier with that mission achieved.

Mission Achieved

What was imagined as a safe space for men to explore their grooming needs and to accompany them on their journeys, stands achieved. We can often be heard celebrating about the ever growing number of happy customers who have acknowledged and appreciated our relentless focus on being available for their grooming and styling.

What looked like a tiny speck on the vast horizon for men’s self-care now stands just a touch away. And we couldn’t be happier for being able to do that. On our 5th birthday on 6th September, we announce that we are proud of our endeavors perceived and hence achieved.

And we thank you all for putting your trust in us.

About US

The most valuable thing a man has at his disposable is his time. The truth is, men are constantly bombarded with Do's and Don't in every aspect of their life. The constant mental struggle and the fear of conformity holds back great men from taking charge and leading their lives from within.

Being a gentlemen is a journey, something that a man continually strives to be, rather than a destination. And once you decide to take on this journey from being a Man to modern Gentleman, The Man Company promises you to help you in the pursuit.

Be On The Top Of Your Grooming Game with www.themancompany.com

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