Hands Up, Gents! The Dos & Don’ts of accessories.

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Accessories, for us guys, have steadily started to call attention to their presence. Wrist wear no longer denotes just watches anymore, though they remain evergreen. Hand accessories are available to us in several avatars. Wrist wear, if done right, ooze a certain calculated  carefree attitude. They can be worn for a cause or for no reason at all. Accessories can make a statement, a fashionable one at that, or tell a story about you.

An integral part of one’s personality, they can either make or break one’s charisma. So donning them in a way which add rather than subtract, is of paramount significance. So in our role of your faithful guide on your path to being a more fashionable gentlemen, we list some dos and don’ts, so you never go wrong with your wrist accessories ever again.


 1. Work It.

Whether its an all important board meeting, a power lunch or you’re making the next big move. A classic watch, a couple of understated bracelets and one or two finger bands form the perfect trifecta bringing out the Boss in you.


wrist accessories paired just right

The Perfect Trifecta! (img : luxeware.com)

 Dos –

  • A classic analogue watch, one can go for a metal strap or keep it classy with a leather strap.
  • Finger bands, 1 or 2 at the most, keep in mind that it doesn’t clash with skin tones.
  • Hand Accessories with monochrome beads, or simple leather strap wrist wear.
  • More than a couple of trinkets on the bracelet, and a pirate is what you’ll come across as.


Don’ts –

  • A sports watch is something which shouldn’t be featuring here.
  • Rings with stones or ones which have animals carved into them. (I own a Tyrion Lannister ring!)
  • Colorful rubber bands or bands with inane slogans or insignia of sports teams.


wrist accessories in various avatars add to your personality.

Wear it like a Boss! (img : etsy.com)


Keeping in mind the above, however, there are exceptions. A combination of metal, leather, tribal warrior motifs and the right attitude is a formula which will assure you of the Alpha status, wherever you shall choose to tread.

Whether it be play or serious work, one single accessory, whether beaded or a leather strap with a trinket, always hits the right spots. You don’t really have to worry about pairing it with the right wardrobe and other accessories.

It gives you an air of seriousness without being uptight and adds mystique to your person.

wrist accessories work best when done minimally

Minimalistic does the trick! (img : etsy.com)

2. Play Hard, Party Harder

casual hand accessories

Color Weaves are your pals!

Keeping work on one side, the social arena is where the real us shine. Wrist accessories work as a great complement to this side of our persona and aid in bringing out the best.

Dos –

  • Go for colours, though there is no real need here to color coordinate with your wardrobe.
  • Experiment with some of the materials the accessories are available in – weaved cloth, leathers, metal, rubber, beads, threads anything which catches your fancy.
  • Choose trinkets, but do it wisely.

Don’ts –

  • Fluorescent colors are dead, at least when it comes to bracelets.
  • Metallic or gold plated ones are not ideal when it comes to a casual or an informal wardrobe choice.
  • Trinkets should be an extension of your personality.
  • Don’t wear all your bracelets at once.


Ring in the metal! (img : indulgy.com)

The real trick of getting your accessories game on point is to match the make and material and being mindful of the color scheme. Check these boxes off and you can pull a ring with wrist accessories, especially when it comes to insignias and metal bracelets. If you’re choosing a ring for accessorizing, you should go for ones with emblazoned insignias or the like. The chunkiness of the bracelet is a factor which ideally should be dictated by your wrist size. Lets not get swayed by bracelets which hang over your knuckles. In my personal experience, they are a hurdle for normal day to day functioning and you will end up hurting somebody, mostly yourself.

Hands Up Men! (img: etsy.com)

Bracelets and wrist accessories, all said and done, are links. Bracelets signify a certain something, a memory, a place and even a cherished person. They act as beacons of one’s life experiences. Accessories are not meaningless embellishments and shouldn’t be treated as such either. On the surface they might be lifeless, but they breathe life into our personalities in their own little way.

May you carry, all that you cherish, tied fashionably around your wrists.

Hands Up, Gents! The Dos and Don'ts of Accessories.
Article Name
Hands Up, Gents! The Dos and Don'ts of Accessories.
Wrist wear and accessories for men are making their presence felt. Acknowledging their importance, we give you a short guide on donning them fashionably.
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