Bald Is The New Bold!

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If you think balding makes someone less of a gentleman, #WeNeedToTalk.

Is the amount of hair on your head an appropriate parameter to decide how manly you are?


Does it decide whether or not you’ll have a bright future?

Of course not!

If it does, then all baldies out there have the brightest futures.

Despite this little TED talk, we certainly know that balding affects men in more ways than one can imagine. And we are here to break those shackles for the modern-age gentlemen. By the end of this blog, you’ll agree to agree that balding is a statement, and it sure is a bold one.

What Is Balding?

In simple terms, balding means the loss of hair. It can occur on any part of the body but majorly concerns the head. It can result in complete baldness, receding hairline or hair thinning. The process of balding is more prevalent in men as compared to women.

What Causes Balding?

Balding can happen because of multiple reasons. Here are a few of them explained for you:


Today’s time is such that lifestyles have become busier and stressful. When the level of stress is more, for some, this can mean lesser hair on the head. Well, that’s just a complicated relationship between stress and hair.  In order to keep your hair in sway it is extremely important to keep your worries at bay.


Another common cause of balding is family history or genetics. For most people, genetically-induced hair loss happens as they age. It is difficult to reverse the balding gene, but there sure are ways to slow it down.

Lack Of Vitamins

Severe deficiencies of Iron, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and Bition can potentially cause hair loss. To ensure that your hair game stays strong, one must intake a healthy and balanced diet.

We sure wear our hair like a crown on the head, and if it was to fall off, it sure comes with adverse effects. The first and foremost of all are lower self-esteem and declining confidence. With hair loss comes a lot of name-calling and underestimation. And it does not just stop here. We constantly run after the unrealistic and stereotypical representation of an ideal man who can brush his fingers through luscious-looking hair that sway in the wind. But the world of the new-age gentlemen isn’t as easy as it seems to be, and we are going to help you break through all the stigmas and stereotypes that come with it.

At The Man Company, we believe that men’s issues are less spoken about or sometimes left unsaid. So we have taken it upon ourselves to start having conversations that not everyone feels comfortable talking about because #WeNeedToTalk. And we will. Because as much as we love to groom gentlemen on an everyday basis, we also love to ensure that their voice reaches places.

To address these issues, including balding and others, we’ve come up with a podcast named The Gentleman Show that talks about everything from personal grooming, health and fitness, career and finance to relationships, fashion and lifestyle.

The first episode of the podcast “Bindaas. Bold. Bald”. talks about bald being a statement. Relish an inspiring yet fun conversation between host Ankush Bahuguna and guest Devansh Kamboj as they talk about the difficulties associated with balding and how one can overcome them.

Hair or not, you will never be less of a gentleman. And if you think otherwise, #WeNeedToTalk.

You can listen to the audio podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Gaana, JioSaavn and all leading audio-streaming platforms.

To watch the full video podcast check out The Man Company’s YouTube Channel.

Our goal is to make this a two-way conversation. So, subscribe and share your feedback with us.

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