Bathe in Nature’s Embrace: Newly Launched Body Washes

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 Pamper your skin with the best lathering experience ever

Bathing is the first step to grooming! 

And, we cannot stress enough how important it is to ensure that you use the best products to uplift this experience.  So, we at The Man Company are here with a new range of Body Washes that are filled with the essence of nature to kickstart your day the perfect way. Men might not be born groomed, but nature has other plans. 

Why nature?

Grooming comes NATURALLY to NATURE! (Nobody taught nature how to groom itself, did they?)  

The answer is No! From the calming blues of the water, energising orange hues of the morning sun and the refreshing greens of the flora, none knows grooming like nature does. So, we decided to bottle up nature’s goodness for you to bring out your #GroomedNature. 

Before we move ahead, brace yourself for a bubbly surprise! (Just a heads up)

How is a Body Wash different from a Shower Gel?

There’s not a huge difference when it comes to comparing the two, apart from consistency. A body wash has a thinner and runnier consistency, while a shower gel is more gel-like and thicker in consistency.  Although shower gel and body wash generally help accomplish the same task of cleansing skin from dirt, dust, sweat, and dead skin cells, shower gels are more aggressive products, which can overly dry out the skin. Whereas body washes are more gentle, leading to higher moisturisation of your skin. 

Now that you are all lathered up, let us plunge right into what we have in store for you:

Calming Body Wash | Patchouli & Sea Salt

Does your skin keep demanding a sip of moisture? Our Patchouli & Sea Salt Body Wash is what you need in your life. It is formulated with the goodness of natural ingredients and is SLS & paraben-free, making your bathing experience feel like a dip in the ocean. Patchouli is an aromatic herb that uplifts your emotions, improves mood and ensures restfulness while ensuring your skin drenches in hydration. Sea Salt naturally exfoliates your pores, while its minerals nourish and moisturise from deep within. 

Energising Body Wash | Bergamot & Mandarin

Every morning will be a good morning as you awaken your skin with an energising lathering treat! Our Bergamot & Mandarin Body Wash is gentle yet energetic, making you feel active all day long. It has the goodness of natural ingredients and is SLS & paraben-free to deliver an experience that feels like zesting in the morning sun. Bergamot helps unclog pores of dirt and even skin tone. Mandarin brings with it the richness of Vitamin C & E to make your skin healthy and flawless. 

Refreshing Body Wash | Aloe Vera & Matcha

Does your skin constantly demand a burst of freshness? Our Aloe Vera & Matcha Body Wash is here to take you on a refreshing walk in the rainforest. It has natural goodness and is SLS & paraben-free, lending the vibe of being drenched in nature. Aloe Vera pampers irritated skin with its magical anti-inflammatory properties, leaving it full of moisture. The vibrant green Matcha thoroughly detoxifies the skin of any toxins, making it feel fresh and smooth like new leaves in spring. Our body washes have long-lasting fragrances to keep you smelling fresh and make you feel close to nature. But it is essential to use them correctly to get the most out of them. 

How to use our Body Washes to bubble up your bathing experience?

Step 1- Wet your body.

Step 2- Pour some body wash on your loofah.

Step 3- Gently rub the loofah against your skin to form a lather.

Step 4- Rinse it off thoroughly and pat dry using a towel.

Never forget to apply body lotion to keep your skin hydrated & moisturised for longer hours. If you love your skin, then do not miss this step ever. Now is when you can go ahead and choose the variant that you think your skin deserves the most. (Honestly, we love all 3)

Here’s hoping your bathing experience is as natural & lathering as you want it to be.

Happy Bathing, Happy Grooming!  

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