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Don’t ignore your pedicure needs even though you might not be going out much.

While work and businesses are making an effort to get back to normal, the fact is that we are far from normal right now. We are still in the middle of a pandemic and quite visibly a while away from getting back to our earlier ways. Which basically means that social distancing will remain a way of life for a while now.

Some of the things that you used to take for granted in the world, before, will be paramount luxury right now. A long extensive day at the spa or the salon for example. Even though some of the salons are opening up, and you may have full faith in their services, truth be told, you might have a niggle of doubt in your mind permanently. Or might even find it extremely difficult to find an appointment at the time of your choice.

That’s why you might want to pick up a few tricks to take care of it yourself. Thankfully it’s not a difficult thing to do. Though it may seem extensive at first.

You can start by exfoliating your feet during a  shower. You could make a DIY scrub at home with sea salt and oil to make a smooth paste. And right after applying it to your feet use a pumice stone to scrape out the dead skin on your soles and ankles.

Dry heels can develop calluses. This is something that can be easily taken care of. With just being regular with your foot care, by using a loofah and keeping them well moisturised at all times.

However if you can manage it here’s a suggestion – clean your feet with a pumice stone and pat dry. Make a sandalwood and sesame oil mix and apply it to your feet, with special attention to your heels. And leave it on till it’s absorbed. Ideally if you do this at night, you can expect maximum results. And then apply a layer of wax to hold the oil in place. In the morning peel off the layer of wax. Generally, a week of this regime to fix your cracked heels. But the results may vary on the degree of the cracks.

For your tired feet a salt soak can work wonders. You could also add mint oil and rose water to your soak for a sensory extravaganza. After you soak your feet for a while you can massage them with castor oil. Rest them on a river-bed pebbles in a tub to help them relax. Dry them and massage them with a light moisturising cream.

These few remedies will help you take care of your feet to a large extent. But we know sometimes it’s difficult to fit all of these in a busy day’s schedule. That’s exactly why we have put together a DIY Foot Care Kit to attend to all these problems at one go. It’s salon-like care for will leaves you feet cleaner and feeling awakened.

To read more about the product and how to use it visit the page below.

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