Celebrate Mother’s Day- Lockdown Edition

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A gentleman’s guide to make your mom feel special

We all agree that just one day isn’t enough to cherish your mom! However, Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to go all out and show her how special and loved she is. It is the perfect moment to shower her with all the gratitude for raising you to become a perfect gentleman. 

Much like last year, this day is going to be looking a little different than normal. Despite all the social distancing measures and the lockdown, you must still make this day super special for your mom. How do you pull it off? Whether you are at home with your mother or miles apart, here are a few ways in which you can celebrate the special woman in your life while keeping safe and healthy.

Breakfast in bed

Meet the classic Mother’s Day special! The idea is to begin this special day on a sumptuous note. Be the gentleman that you are, wake up early, prepare a hearty meal that includes her favourite dishes and serve it to her in bed. (Besides breakfast in bed, isn’t that the kind of son every mother craves?) Make sure you don the chef’s hat while you let her sit back and relax for a day. 

Host a movie night

What kind of a gentleman doesn’t plan a movie night? You’ve got to do this if you and your mom have a lot of common favourite shows and movies. Or if you have a few new movies on your mind that you can binge watch together, then it’s officially a date! Throw in that bag of potato crisps or popcorn and don’t forget to enjoy the chitter-chatter in between. 

Reduce her to-do-list

Mother’s Day is officially a day to give your mother a break from her everyday chores. It’s the little things that make a big difference! Make her feel more at ease for a day by taking up her chores and checking them off of her to-do-list. By doing so you not only give her some extra time to relax but also help her break free from day-to-day monotony. 

Bake a cake together, virtually

It’s time to raise some sweet love because she put in all the effort to raise you to be a gentleman! Send the ingredients in the post so that on Mother’s Day you are both ready to create some flavoursome memories together. You can link up on zoom and sync your steps to bake something yummy and beautiful. (Trust us it will be the sweetest treat for both of you)

Pamper her to the fullest

They say it’s a gentleman thing to pamper your special lady love! While you might not be able to bring in a complete spa experience at home, you can still try and get as close as possible. From pedicure-manicure to body massage and skin care regimes, make her feel relaxed throughout her special day. 

Say it with a letter

A gentleman never fails to express. (If you can’t say it, write it) Even in this digitally-led world, letters are the best kind of keepsakes. Pen a heartfelt message for your mother and share it with her to cherish forever. 

And most important of all, if you are lucky enough to be spending Mother’s Day with your mom during the lockdown, make sure you give her a big fat hug. (The pandemic has surely taught us how precious they are)

Near…far…wherever you are…make sure you brighten up her day in the best possible way!

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