Celebrate your gentleman brother this Raksha Bandhan: #MeraBhaiGentleman

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Here are reasons to celebrate him more on this occasion of Rakhi

In a world where everything keeps changing constantly, one thing that never goes out of style is being a gentleman. (Some things never change)

But, who is a true gentleman?

A real gentleman is a man who understands the value of another. He is thoughtful, polite, compassionate and brave. He is strong, anchored, and humble. Not just that, he is well-groomed, well-planned, and well-prepared for everything that comes his way. Honestly, a true gentleman is so much more than just this. (Of course, the list does not end here)

Raksha Bandhan is inching closer, and this time The Man Company is here to celebrate your special brother-sister bond uniquely. 


This year, Rakhi is all about celebrating your Gentleman Bhai. If you are a sister who takes pride in saying #MeraBhaiGentleman, then you might want to keep on reading.  Now, how do you figure if your brother is a gentleman? (Trust me, it’s not easy when he is the one who constantly teases you or picks a fight and points the finger at you for all messes that he makes in front of your parents) But honestly, all these mischiefs are like those freebies that you do not want, but they anyway come with the whole package. (And we have to agree that they do not make your brother less loved or less of a gentleman)

Here’s a list of 4 signs that your brother is a gentleman:

Here we go! (Brace yourselves, sisters)

1. He keeps all your secrets

Every time you have tea to spill, and your brother is the first person you reach out to, he is a keeper. He is an absolute gentleman if he keeps all your secrets (good and bad) to himself, without you having to worry about him spilling it out to others. Even if things go south between you two, he will never let your secrets out. 

2. He always has your back

As brothers and sisters, you are born to fight. (It is the most natural trait of a sibling bond) But, you know he is a true gentleman if he always has your back. When you’ve got no one to fall back on, you have him, and that is all that you need in this entire world. If your brother stands by you in all the good and bad times that life throws at you, you have to agree that he is that hero without a cape that everyone mentions. 

3. He teaches you how to value yourself

No matter how much your brother teases you or fights with you, if he lifts you and teaches you how to value yourself, you know you have the best one of the entire lot. Your brother loves you if he values your existence, but he is a gentleman when he makes you value yourself and never allows you to settle for anything less than best. (Yes, brothers, I just admitted that)

4. He always sides you

Sports or not, your brother is always in your league! (Of course, he will never put his sports match after you) But, he always stands for you and puts you first in front of your family and friends. If he sides with you even when you are wrong, but does tell you secretly that it was your fault, then you know he has what it takes to be a gentleman. 

Now that you have figured that you’ve spent years of your life with a gentleman who consistently fights with you, pulls your leg, but is always there standing behind you, giving you all the courage and strength that this world has to offer. So, Raksha Bandhan is the perfect occasion to pamper him right and show him that he is loved and cared for just as much. 

And if you do not know how to show that to him, we are here to help! 

This Raksha Bandhan, The Man Company has put together Exclusive Gift Boxes for your Gentleman Bhai that have premium grooming essentials that will strengthen his grooming game and your bond. Just in case you want to take it a notch higher and make the surprise more special for him, you can Curate Your Own Box and add in a personalised message to show him how much he means to you. (let’s accept that we do not say it as often)

Happy grooming to your brother and happy surprising to you! 

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