Charcoal Is The New Black

Charcoal Is The New Black, Skin & hair care, male grooming trends
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The new ingredient trending big time on male grooming circuits is Charcoal. Body Washes, Cleansers, Face scrubs, Shampoos – their new-found love is Activated Charcoal. Charcoal is making these skin and hair care products turn into high performers.

No wonder, every guy who cares about his looks has these black coloured products in his shower.

Of course, there’s also that added cool-factor to products that look like war-paint on the face.

Pure & Simple

Yup, the same charcoal that you probably know from your barbecue grill. It’s taken the beauty and grooming industry by storm.

Not only because it’s all-natural; and the more holistic, back-to-nature kind of living is really having a moment right now.

It’s also because charcoal’s been around for ages. Anything that has to do with purification uses charcoal: water filters, vacuum cleaners, sugar purification. Similarly, anything to do with detox also uses it: treating poisoning, infections. Anything to do with skin healing – yup, you got it right – uses it as well: bites, cuts, skin irritations, bee stings.

Charcoal Is The New Black, Skin & hair care, male grooming trends

Black Is Beautiful

There’s something unconventional about pitch-black products that are actually cleansers! And charcoal, mind you, is a heavy-duty cleanser.

Toxins keep settling on the skin all the time, and when they clog your pores – that’s when your face looks spotty, dull and tired. Activated Charcoal is super effective against all kinds of toxins and germs. Once the skin is cleaner, it looks fresher and smoother too.

Oily skin comes with the curse of acne. Using charcoal face scrubs will absorb the excess oil and also get rid of dead skin cells. It will re-energize your skin and keep it looking great all the time.

Charcoal Is The New Black, Skin & hair care, male grooming trends

Some Black Magic for the Hair

Charcoal performs the same detox function on the scalp and hair too.

Once the charcoal has gotten rid of the oil, dirt and toxins, you will find that your scalp has no dandruff, redness, bumps or itchiness.

Your hair will also feel lighter, more manageable and more voluminous, when it is no longer weighed down by all that grime.

People used to procure activated charcoal to mix with their shampoos. Luckily, you don’t have to go to such lengths to attain these results. You can now buy charcoal shampoos off the shelf or online, and in great packaging too.

Charcoal Is The New Black, Skin & hair care, male grooming trends, the man company

The Goth factor could attract you at first. But it’s the super-power abilities of charcoal that will make you fall in love with this ingredient.

Try The Man Company’s Charcoal Line of products here.

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