Come rain or shine, skincare is unskippable.

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Dear Gentlemen, 

We all agree that monsoons are a sigh of relief from the scorching summer sun, but not everything about the rains is pleasant. Be it getting caught in an unexpected shower or dealing with frizzy hair and sticky skin, the rainy season is as much trouble as it is a blessing. Trust us when we say, the damp and humid weather is bad news for all skin types! 

Yes, you heard it right! The monsoons will treat you based on the type of skin you have. (But it will treat you even you aren’t in for a treat) So, to keep your healthy and glowing skin intact, it is important to delve into the right skincare during this shower season. Because you might be thanking God for a rainy break, your skin might not! 

We are here to help all you gentlemen out here by sharing some amazing tips that you can add to your monsoon regime and rock the season in full swing. (Fret no more, we’re here to help) If you love monsoons and love your skin and skincare even more, then keep on reading! 

Here are a few tips that will turn out to be your holy grail and will make sure that the monsoons do not rain on your grooming parade.

1.Cleanse, but do it gently

We can’t stress enough how important it is to have a perfect facewash for the monsoon season. The face wash is one product with which your skincare begins. (So, you’ve got to choose it wisely and there is no way that you can skip it) Make sure you choose a cleanser that is gentle and works well for your skin type and the concerns that you have. This will ensure a good base for the products that follow. 

2.Wash off the sweat

Since the damp and humid monsoon season is going to make you sweat and feel sticky, you need to have a body wash that keeps you feeling fresh not just throughout the day but also the entire season. Choose a body wash that has a lot of citruses in it because it will cool you down and will also keep your skin fresh. A refreshing body wash for the monsoons will keep you sailing through the season. To make sure you wash all the bacteria off, take warm showers at least twice a day. (Promise yourself you’ll never skip this)

3.Care for your hair

Monsoons are no good news for your hair. (Just in case you did not know) If sweat bothers your hair during the summer, then it may get worse during the monsoon. The humid weather makes your scalp sweaty, turning it into a breeding ground for bacteria. And let’s be honest nobody wants that, do we? The Man Company’s Coconut Hair Shampoo is your friend in disguise. It is filled with the goodness of coconut and aloe vera to refresh and hydrate your hair and scalp. Never forget to follow in with a conditioner post shampooing. It will add more life to your hair. 

4.Keep the body odour away

If you are someone who sweats a lot and has body odour issues, monsoons are not your friend. To stay fresh and smell good throughout the day, it is important to use a good fragrance. You can use a body perfume first and then go in with an Eau De Parfum or Eau De Toilette. (You will thank us later for this hack) Depending on the kind of notes you prefer you can choose your favourite monsoon fragrances. (Who knows you’ll end up finding your monsoon signature scent?)

5.Clean it down there

When monsoon gives you the sweat, it will get everywhere! (Even down there) Wearing fabrics that are soft and breathable is important and so is cleaning regularly. Make sure you use an Intimate Wash that is mild and will help in keeping bacteria’s and fungal infections at bay. The Man Company’s Intimate Foaming Wash is crafted using tea tree and sea buckthorn to leave you with a refreshed feeling. 

From top to toe you are now all set to face the monsoons! 

Happy grooming even while it’s raining! 

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