Time to time, so many different words are added to the dictionary, but there are some words in context of grooming that are totally new and you’ll have fun using them. Note: – You might want to ignore the spell check every time you type any of these words. Read on to know more about these words!

1. Backne

Loosely, an acne on the man’s back is called backne!

2. Five head

Five head is the space on the forehead that’s extra. For example, if a man is sporting a slick back hairstyle, the extra space on his forehead usually by receding hairline is called Five head.

3. Neck beard

Unkempt hair on a man’s neck, either in front or back.

4. Unibrow

As the name suggests, it’s one single eye brow running across the forehead. Though some believe that people who have unibrow are lucky, but that still doesn’t make it attractive.

5. Pitting

Through shirt – sweat or excessive underarm sweating is called pitting. For example, if a person is sweating in excess, you can say he’s pitting out!

6. Nostrails

Nostrail is a word for describing nasal hair that is visible. It’s not a pretty sight and should be kempt!