Everyone in this world has a dream. A good car, a house, lots of money and all. Let’s talk about cars. There are some cars that everyone wants at some point of their life, but what happens when people correct your pronunciation the moment you tell them about your dream car? It’s annoying, isn’t it? We are here to tell you the correct pronunciation of automobile brands so that they don’t have to annoy you every time! Read on to know more..

1. Porsche

You’re not the only one, but most of us pronounce it wrong. It’s not pronounced as Porshe or Porshey. The correct pronunciation is Por-sha. Porsche’s sports coupe 911 is not pronounced as nine one one, it is nine eleven or noyn-elf in German.

2. Audi

Almost every man’s dream car. It is not pronounced as Aww-Di. Don’t say it like the girls do, AWW-DI. It’s Oww-di..

3. BMW

Well, it’s not simply Bee-em-W. Do it like the Germans do, say Bee-em-way.

4. Hyundai

Most of us say Hun-Dai. The correct way to say is Hyoon-day.

5. Mercedes-Benz

Talk about cars and forget about Mercedes? Won’t happen. All of us call this beauty as Mur-say-deez. Well, as much as I hate to say it, mur-SEE-dus bents is the right way!

6. Peugeot

Pee-G-Ot is wrong. Poo-jsho is right way. Well, it’s French. Need I say more?

7. Renault

This one’s fairly easy! Eliminate L and T. Say Re-No.

8. Volkswagen

Hey Folks! I said Folks not Volks. That’s the right way. Folks-wagon or way-gun.

9. Chevrolet

Shev-ro-ley. Not Shev-ro-let. We love this one, right?

10. Skoda

Well, it’s not Sko-DA. It is Shko-da.