Don’t Let The Monsoon Steal Your Thunder

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Rains are here, and so are unruly hair and sticky skin!

With the onset of monsoons, people start to feel a range of emotions, and so do their skin and hair.

Rains may be about rainbows and the smell of wet mud, but they are also about humidity and gloomy skies. True, they bring relief from the scorching heat, but they come bearing gifts of sticky skin and greasy hair. And who wants that?

Choosing the right products that suit your skin and hair becomes of utmost importance. Sort your monsoon regime with The Man Company, and this tale of woe won’t continue.

We are here with a few suggestions, so pour your heart into self-care and get ready to enjoy this beautiful weather.

Cleansing Done Right

The first step of skin care is washing your face right. Monsoons cause the skin to become oily or dehydrated. Choosing a face wash that removes all the dirt and oil but keeps your skin moisturised and hydrated becomes necessary. The Man Company’s Vitamin C Face Wash can be your best choice to tackle the monsoon skin blues. Loaded with activated beads and Vitamin C, it ensures deep cleansing and gives a natural glow to your face.

No Sweat For You

Monsoons call for dampness and humidity, making your skin feel sticky and sweaty. A body wash that keeps you feeling fresh and energised is what you need to keep you going. The Man Company’s Body Wash Patchouli & Sea Salt will make your bathing experience feel like a dip in the ocean. Get ready to shower away all your worries with this wash and start your day on a calming note. Make sure you use The Man Company’s Fragrances post your bath and keep smelling good all day long.

Keep Your Hair Happy

Your hair is often exposed to rain and remains wet for a long time. Neglecting hair care makes it prone to monsoon damage, and humidity worsens the situation by causing problems like dandruff, itchy scalp, frizzy & dull hair, and hair fall. Choosing the right shampoo that solves all your issues is the solution to luscious and smooth hair. The Man Company’s Biotin Shampoo is your friend in disguise. Filled with the power of Biotin and Rice Extract, it keeps your hair happy and light. And don’t forget to use Biotin Conditioner post your wash.

Hydration On The Go

During monsoons, the face always becomes sticky and oily, and there are high chances that you might stop applying moisturiser; please never skip this grooming step. Keep your face hydrated; so it does not become dry and lose its natural moisture. The Man Company’s Daily Moisturising Cream is of lightweight formulation that does not make your skin feel heavy and keeps it moisturised, hydrated and glowy. Plus, SPF is non-negotiable. Yes, you read it right. Applying Sunscreen is imperative and should not be skipped.

Hair My Way

You must love getting wet in the rain, or not, but the moisture and humidity rob hair of its natural moisture and make them frizzy and unmanageable. To manage your hair use The Man Company’s Hair Spray and get a long-lasting flexible hold. It also ensures zero residues and maintains the bounce your hair deserves. With salon-like styling, this spray also keeps your hair hydrated and conditioned.

Don’t Leave The Feet Behind

Which is that one part of your body that is often neglected and suffers the most? You must have guessed it right, feet. Monsoons make your feet sweaty and smelly and can lead to fungal infections. So, start taking care of them with The Man Company’s Foot Deodoriser. It is an easy-to-use spray that keeps smelly feet at bay.

We hope you won’t put a rain check on our suggestions and start your monsoon skin care and hair care journey with us today.

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