1. Size does NOT matter in this game, it’s how well you play it!

2. Two condoms don’t ever add extra precaution. It just increases the chances of increased friction and them falling out..

3. The song you play while doing it the first time will haunt you forever!

4. Smoking can reduce your penis size upto one centimeter ONLY.

5. The sperm can last inside a woman for upto five days after sex!

6. Another reason for penis size reduction is lack of sexual activity.

7. Sperm contain anti wrinkle properties.. also zinc and calcium that help prevent tooth decay!

8. Just because she cries during sex, doesn’t mean she isn’t enjoying it!

9. The G-Spot is NOT a myth.. keep searching for it and you’ll hit the jackpot someday.

10. More than 51% women experience orgasms while crunches.. it isn’t so hard afterall.

The great Woody Allen once said.. “I don’t know the question, but sex is definitely the answer!”