Essential Hand Skills

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It takes a lot to be a Man and knowing how to use & make things on your own is the most basic of skill sets in a man’s arsenal. Evolution gave us dexterity in the opposable thumb which made all human history possible- right from discovering and using metals, to building great cities, to conquering lands and reaching the moon. But these are derivative skills which need years of study behind it. There are skills much closer home which can be used to make you useful and much appreciated.

Start a Fire

start a fire

You needn’t do it Bear Grylls style with a pocket flint at some random jungle/desert. Always keep a matchbox and know your surroundings well. Remember that dry stuff burns and wet stuff smokes up. The skill to start a fire anywhere, with anything is a learnt craft. Knowing the fire behaviour makes you the hero whether at a picnic or at a barbecue or at home. This most basic of Man skills will take you up several notches.

Sharpen Knives

sharpen a knife

Again, no need to go all samurai on your knives. We all have kitchen knives at home which dull every few months. Learn how to sharpen them. There are simple ways like the sharpening rod to complicated ways like the water and stone. Unless you don’t plan to go Rambo or Commando on someone, the rod will do just fine. Just remember, the cutting side is outwards when pulling up on the sharpening rod.

Reading the Weather

checking weather

We started forecasting looking at the skies, don’t forget this skill. Keep a general track on wind directions, remember which season follows what, that the smell of the first rains on dry earth is called petrichor and low atmospheric pressure means headaches for a few. Know your maps well and you could be well on your way on finding the next oil pit in the Sahara.

Change Tyres

changing the tyres

No amount of stylized calling it as changing flats will change the fact that it is a punctured tyre and needs fixing. Know how to change a tyre, even better if you know how to repair a puncture. All you need is a keen eye, rubber patches, a file and a rubber adhesive. It takes only about 15 minutes to repair a puncture and it gives you the master title of being the man.

Lift Weights

lift weight

This is not about the gym kind, where a rep and a set is all it is. This is general purpose heavy lifting to get a job done. Some of the leanest people have exceptional lifting skills, while some of the most muscular people turn into a bag of chips when lifting heavy outside of the gym.

There are many other skills that a man should know to take you back to the ancient times when men were men and could do almost anything without any help. But those skills require a place and inclination as well to be implemented. These 5 skills are what we require in our lives the most in today’s day & age and will surely set you on the right path to be the MAN.

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