Essential tips to get your skincare winter ready!

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How to give yourself the right winter regime?

Last week, we reminded you of the beginning of the dry season and how to take care of your skin through it. 

In the winter and pre-winter months, the body not only bears the brunt of dry Himalayan winds, but also the pollutants trapped in the atmosphere that our body has to fight against. A week since our last call to protection against the weather and the dryness of the upcoming winters is already evident. Check your hair, your beard. Are they drying up? Do they look brittle? How about your feet and hands?

Well, whatever your concerns are, spare no worries, for we have arranged a list of advices on how to take care of your winter grooming needs.

Beard Care for the dry weather

The changing seasons can be very drying, and, let it be said, confusing for the beard and his gentleman. Only till a few weeks ago, it looked well hydrated, didn’t need much of the extra care. And now suddenly, it feels dry!
It is advisable to not leave your beard dry and uncared for more than 24 hours so you continue to have that beautiful lush decorating your face.

Beard Care Remedies 

The Man Company Argan and Geranium beard oil helps nourish and condition your beard while making it manageable and replenished. What’s more, the oil is 100% natural and free from any Sulphate or Paraben. Just like your hair, you beard needs to be cleansed and conditioned regularly. You can use our Argan and Mint Beard Crème that appears light while providing heavy conditioning, the damaged bit that makes your beard look frizzy or scraggy. Make trimming a regular habit.

Hair Care to prevent winter damage

The change of season can easily get one wondering what products to go for. The weather isn’t humid anymore and your hair will start showing it. So it is important to:

Hair care regime

Nature based cleansers like the TMC Moroccan Argan and Almond Oil Shampoo can hydrate as it cleans. It can make it easier for the hair to remain fresh and healthy. Provide nourishment to your hair before and after shower. Let it have a buffet of goodness through the TMC Argan Hair Oil.

Hand and foot care towards softness

Your hands and feet feel the real brunt of your activities. They take you places, help you do things. Don’t they deserve to nudge you for that extra care?

Hand and feet care 

Let your feet show you care: Promise them a care regime with The Man Company DIY Foot Care that can help with any cracked heels or callouses and make your feet look healthy and soft. Moisturize before bed: Make it a habit to moisturize your hand and feet before bed. And wear a pair of socks to lock in that moisture, if you may. We hope that through this winter care regime, you can find that lovely winter look that they show in the movies.

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