Why Every Man Must Grow A Beard For Movember 2017

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Come November, and #Movember begins to swarm across your Facebook and Twitter with photos and funny images telling you to grow that moustache or beard.


Facial hair is in, and the winter is as good a time as any to enjoy one.

What is Movember?

When a bunch of Australians got 30 men to grow a 30 moustache for 30 days, it was a big deal.  These men went on to form the Movember Foundation.

A moustache was rare among young men in 2004 and caught the eye

But it was more than just vanity – they used the buzz created to talk about a bigger men’s issue – prostate cancer.  While breast cancer enjoys global support, prostate cancer occurs at identical rates – but it is only recently, with campaigns like Movember that it enjoys increased attention.

It is still cool to have a beard – but a standalone moustache is rare. However, during Movember, the second glance a well groomed, stylish and thick ‘mo’ earns isn’t a moment of vanity. It is a moment to educate men about being more proactive about their health.

There’s more to a moustache than raising eyebrows at college or work


A beard is for many men a conscious choice. You know what else is a conscious choice? Testing for prostate and testicular cancer, and taking action when you experience repeated episodes of depression.  All 3 are some of biggest killers of men, and this month millions of Movember supporters stand together to show that every man matters.

If your moustache turns women’s heads, tell them about how Movember is relevant for the men in their lives, their fathers, brothers, relatives and friends.







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