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Father’s Day Gifting for All Kinds of Dads

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Written by Sunny Stephen

Tomorrow is Father’s Day, a day which marks the importance of the single most important teacher in your life. He teaches you all about the big bad world, one step at a time. He is the one who shed blood and sweat in order for you to enjoy the life you have today. Your father is the person you go to when you face testing times in your life. He is the guiding force, a pillar of support throughout your life.

On this Father’s Day, you could just gift him another tie or “World’s Best Dad” coffee mug – he probably wouldn’t make a fuss. But why not get him something special this year? Perhaps something he could actually use.

For the dad with finesse Ray Ban aviators

Ray Ban Aviator Father's Day Gift


This is for the dad who believes in looking absolutely sublime. These classic sunglasses have lorded over the sunglass universe ever since General MacArthur led the Allied forces to victory in World War II. Get a robust pair for your Dad, and remind him that he truly is and always will be Daddy Cool – without saying a single word.

For the high fashion dad  Antique-punched Oxford Shoes


Oxford Shoes Father's Day Gift


You inherited your impeccable taste in fashion from your father, and it’s only fair that you return the favour. His collection of shoes may be unmatched, but you can still surprise him tomorrow with these gorgeous whole cut Oxfords in tan. Just imagine how well these would go with his already-killer wardrobe!

For the tech-savvy dad – Virtual Reality headset

Virtual Reality Head Set Father's Day Gift

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This one is for the dad who puts technophile teenagers to shame. He was the first among his peers to own a laptop, he was among the early adopters of smartphones, he regularly contributes to tech projects on Kickstarter and his Snapchat is way cooler than the average Joe’s. Considering VR headsets are the hot new tech toys in the market, these are perfect gifts , this Father’s Day, for the Generation X dad who is now a Millennial in every sense of the word. 

For the sophisticated dad – Dark Kingdom

Dark Kingdom Father's Day Gift Set


If there’s one reason you haven’t liked the personal style of men you’ve met, it is because none of them can outdo your father when it comes to sophistication and charm. For a man of discerning taste, nothing but the best will do this Father’s Day. Anything less than that will either go into the trash or be surreptitiously gifted to a relative or a colleague. But fear not, for the Dark Kingdom combo from The Man Company will surely please him. You know what to do next.

For the eco-friendly dad – Classic wood phone case


Father's Day Gift Phone Cover


There are dads who love technology, and there are dads who love nature. Then there are dads who like to enjoy the best of both worlds. Give your father the power to make a statement with his smartphone by gifting him this stunning wood encasement. With a laser engraved design, a natural bamboo finish, and precision cut edges, it is the future of smartphone covers and an amazing gift for nature lovers.

If you think none of these are going to make your father happy, a complimentary head massage followed by a hug and an “I love you Dad” will definitely do the trick.

Happy Father’s Day! Have a good one.


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