First Date – How To Ask Her Out

First Date, Asking a Girl Out, Romance
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Dating is fun! It’s the getting things started bit that can be a tad intimidating. I mean, you’d like to ask her out on that first date. But you’d also like yes for an answer, right?

Is She Interested?

First things first: No use asking out a girl who has no interest in you. So, check if she’s mentally swiped right on your profile!

Otherwise, first get her to notice you. (Read what girls find hot and how to flirt without being creepy. Then come back here 🙂 )

Now, how do you guess these things? Well, nothing’s fool-proof in matters of the heart, but there are a few clues. Like, she makes an effort to talk to you; her eyes light up when she talks to you; she’s not afraid of flirting with you; in group pics you see her leaning towards you… You get the drift.

First Date, Asking a Girl Out, Romance

Planning the Date

Look, you are the one asking her out. So have a couple of ideas ready in your head. Now what those ideas are depends on your current equation with her.

If you’ve only met a couple of times, finding out what she likes and making the date about her – may make it easier for you to get a yes. Let’s say she’s a foodie, you could ask her “I found this great Italian restaurant that I’m sure you haven’t Instagrammed yet ;)” (Yup, I’m always for a little bit of humour when asking her out. It takes the pressure off).

If you do know her a bit, the date could be about something you both love. “This trek sounds fun. Let’s do it together?”

A movie-date, however, is a bit iffy. Even if she’s a Bollywood buff, don’t make the date just the movie.  A first date should be about eye contact and conversation, getting to know each other, more than anything else. So maybe movie followed by coffee?

If you don’t want to make a big deal out of it – and I understand, especially, if you’re just getting to know her –simply ask her for an impromptu coffee the next time you see her.

Basically, make it low on her investment. Suggest a plan that doesn’t ask her to get out of her comfort zone, or to cancel her weekend plans with her friends, or to commit almost the whole day – and your chances of getting a yes go up.

First Date, Asking a Girl Out, Romance

The How

Life’s unfair and she’s more likely to say yes if you look cute. So now that you know it, just use it to your advantage!

A fresh shower, some good perfume, hair that’s styled, facial hair that’s groomed or neatly shaved, clothes that look good on you – that’s the least you could do. (Have a look here at some great smelling products)

I get what you’re thinking and you’re right – what should matter is what’s on the inside. That’s obvious! Your relationship status will change only if you are a great guy and your chemistry works. But to get there, you first have to be on this first date, right? So just look cute, okay?

Make eye contact. It’s always sexy. She’ll like the attention and it’ll work in your favour.

Also, ask her when it’s just the two of you, even if in an otherwise crowded setting. Asking in front of her friends will get a bit awkward.

What about asking her out with a text? Sure, why not, if that’s how you’ve normally been interacting and flirting. Otherwise,  go for face-to-face 🙂

Date Or Not

Now, if you’d like not to make a big deal out of the whole thing, you may want to avoid referring to it as a date.

On the other hand if she does ask you “Is it a date?”  – Realize that she’s being playful, look her in the eye, smile flirtingly and say “Yes, it’s a date”

Confidence is killer-attractive 🙂

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