First Date- Make It the First Of Many

First Date Tips, Valentines, Romance
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In theory, a first date is full of excitement & hope! In the real world, it can be totally nerve-racking.

You obviously want to come across as the ultimate charmer and sweep her off her feet, with the ease of a Justin Timberlake. Totally achievable guys, but I don’t want you sweating under all that pressure 🙂

So, let’s just focus on getting her to like you on the first date!

First Date – It’s About Her

Don’t make a surprise out of the first date. Let her know what the plan is. She’d want to dress up accordingly, depending on whether it’s going to be a bonfire at the beach or a table for two at a fine dining restaurant.

A phone that’s constantly beeping with alerts from all your whatsapp groups, or every second call that you just have to take – what a way to make a girl feel special! A date works only if the girl feels that she’s the only one on your mind.

Always compliment her about the way she looks. It makes her feel good about the effort she may have put in (or the way you find her cute, even when she hasn’t made any effort). And bonus- it also clarifies that you are on a date, not a friendly meet up 🙂

First Date Tips, Valentines, Romance

Bring Your A-Game

Now you have a killer personality- great! But you will need some nice packaging for that heart of gold that you may soon want to lose to her.

Dates involve a close physical setting (Yayy! Right? 😉 ). So if you can, make that effort to shower and change into nice fresh clothes before your date.

If not, atleast wear some great perfume and wash your face. If you’re going directly from college/ office, carry your face wash with you in the morning. Nothing embarrassing about it: there are some totally masculine ones available now 😉 (Check them out here).

Leave Out the Heavy Talk

What do you talk about? Well, share stuff about yourself that you’d like her to know. And of course, make her comfortable, and get her to open up too, so that you get to know her better.

Don’t bring to the date any extreme political views that you may have. Also any dark, painful emotional baggage are a no-no: It’s a date, not an appointment with your shrink. Hopefully, if this turns into a relationship, there will be plenty of opportunities for both of you to share everything there is to know!

But this is just a first date: So keep the conversation light, casual, relaxed.

First Date Tips, Valentines, Romance, Happy

Be A Gentleman

Luckily, guys don’t have to be a knight in shining armour any more. So even if you’re not overly chivalrous, that’s okay. Just don’t forget your manners.

Don’t brag about yourself, or keep putting down other guys that she hangs around with. You don’t want her to think you’re insecure, right?

Saying anything that’s disrespectful of her or girls in general – Again, not cool. Be your best self!

Do you pick up the tab on your first date? Of course, especially if you asked her out. If she insists on going splitsies, you can flirtingly remind her that it’s a date, or suggest that she can pay the next time. That also oozes confidence that you know the date went well, so it’ll lead to another!

Thinking About Making A Move?

Okay, perhaps the most important questions for you when going on a first date. Should there be touching? Do you hold hands? Is it okay to kiss?

Well, you’ll have to decide that. I can only give you two quick tips.

One, just because you’re on a date, doesn’t make it okay to start fondling. Everything comes down to chemistry. Read the signs.

Two, you can rarely go wrong with a friendly touch. If it’s not meant to be sexual, a warm hug could be great way to greet your date. I have seen guys get away with a friendly peck on the cheek with even the most prudish girls on the first date. But like I said, it has to then be in the affectionate zone.

Of course, if you’d want things to heat up, try starting with a light touch, watch her reaction, and keep things in the zone where she’s enjoying it and reciprocating.

The F-Word

Fun! Ya, the first date has to be all about having fun. So be real, and enjoy yourself 🙂

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