Five Easy Ways to get Festive Ready

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How’re you grooming?

It’s the time of the year when grooming, gifting and gathering become our top priorities. But this year we are advised to maintain social distancing and be extra careful while planning the festivities. In this new normal, rocking a festive avatar to keep up with your gentlemanly taste is no easy business. Therefore, to make it easy for you, we have compiled a list of areas that might help you put your best taste forward.

Discover your attire for the day

Be it Mandal-hopping during Pujo evenings, ‘meet n greet’ on Eid or celebrating Diwali’s bright lights, you have always set your best style forward. Whatever your plans for the festivities are: staying indoors to enjoy virtual festivities or celebrating safe gatherings outside, you must stand out and choose the attire that best reflects your style. Is it a traditional attire that you want to go with or pick something along the lines of a fusion? Decide upon the color that best suits you and get ready to turn eyes with your classy avatar.

Do you hair right

Is this the year to surprise your mother with that clean shaven look that she so appreciates, or will you stick to the love for the lush decorating your face? How about your hairstyle? 

Your hair and beard style define your expression. They enhance your features and make a bold statement to your style. Having prim and proper hair can not only help you establish a crisp and festive-ready look, but get your camera ready from all angles. Get the right shave with The Man company’s Close Shave Combo or the perfect beardstache Beard Care Kit. Let your style and hairdo help you be the focal point of all the photos you’ll take.

Decorate your home

Let your home speak for you. It doesn’t matter if you are having a small gathering or meeting family and friends virtually, having a well decorated house that reflects your style and speaks of your taste magnifies the joy of festivities. Freshly painted walls and newly cleaned house can help uplift your mood and get you ready to set the celebratory groove.

Festive Grooming

While self-grooming must be the norm for a gentleman like you, the festive season calls for extra radiance and brightness that catches the eyes. So, groom yourself from head to toe with our wide range of premium products that can help you polish the best person you already are.


Don’t the festive days pose a slight dilemma? 

There’s always a confusion about wrapping our love in little boxes and sending them to our loved ones. What to gift that best friend who has always been there? How about the brothers who helped us sneak out? For our mothers who made sure that the house felt like home during festivities and for the fathers with their subtle jokes? How about the daily helps who make our lives easy?

It’s a great idea to customize and personalize the pack of love you send, maybe send something thoughtful with a heartfelt message you’d like to convey this festive season. 

You can choose from the many gifting options available at our website to send your loved ones a pack of exclusive, personalized care.

These few tips can help you put your radiant self out there to glow in the festive colour and brightness.

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