Friend-Zone: Avoid the Trap!

Friend-Zone: Avoid the Trap
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What’s common between Sidharth Malhotra in Kapoor & Sons, Ayushman Khurana in Vicky Donor? Well, their characters started off as casual friends with the leading ladies. But, they very deftly avoided the friend-zone, and the leading lady became the lady-love 🙂

Now, it’s tricky because it’s easy to get to know someone better when you’re starting out as friends, and then figuring out if you’re genuinely interested in her. But what if you figure out that she has friend-zoned you while you want more?

Is it possible for mere mortals like you to steer away from the friend-zone? Or is it once again the stuff of Bollywood fiction?

Relationship Status

Now obviously if you’ve been casual friends with her, you will have some inkling whether she’s single.

Still, once you get interested in her, take things head-on! I’m a big advocate of asking her directly if she’s dating someone. It drops a nice hint of where you might want things to go between the two of you.

And, God knows there are enough girls who have a secret long-distance lover tucked away in some corner of the world. And you don’t want them to hit you with this friend-zoning weapon right when you ask her out. No no no!! So, clarity helps.

Tell her suggestively that you’re single too, so that she may start looking at you as a prospect as well 🙂

Friend-Zone: Avoid The Trap

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Sometimes, Lose The Gang

I understand that since you’ve just become friends with her, you may be part of a gang that mostly hangs out together. But if you want things to take a romantic turn, start making certain plans now where everyone’s not invited.

Should go without saying, but make those plans fun! If your plans are too mainstream and boring, then it may continue to seem like two friends hanging out.

So make things special 🙂 Get her to look forward to you asking her out again. It’s important she knows that you like alone time with her; and equally important that she starts feeling the same way.

U & I in this Beautiful World

If you can shower her with attention that makes her feel that she’s exclusive, you’re on the right track. If, on the other hand, you check out every girl and have a crush on all of her friends, umm.. maybe not.

She needs to feel that the bond you share with her might lead to a happily-ever-after… Or okay, whatever length of time you’re comfortable with!

Now’s the time to move away from the casual friendly public compliment like, “Nice perfume, which brand?”

Take it up a notch and wait for a private moment to tell her, “You smell great”

Be Date-Able

Enough guys have been friend-zoned with the merciless observation that he’s not boyfriend-material Sorry to break it you, but that is how girls talk sometimes. (Have a look here to know how you can stand out from the crowd).

So up your game. Look and feel hot. Get your friend to see you in a whole new boyfriend-light!! Let her heart skip a beat when she sees you, and let sparks fly!

When it’s just the two of you, flirt with her a little. Try flirty late night texts and calls, and let chemistry do the rest 🙂

Friend-Zone: avoid the trap

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The right hints are bold, and perfectly timed. Remember SRK’s awesome reply to Kajol in DDLJ when she invites him to her wedding “Main nahi aaonga!” If she’s into you, she’ll get the hint and relieved that you feel the same way 🙂

Now that’s the stuff Bollywood dreams are made of!



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