Hollywood has certainly helped us dream. Dream of galaxies far away, dream of the future dream of innovation, technology that can do marvelous things. One such movie was “Back to the Future,” I personally have many fond memories related to that movie. One such memory was looking at the hoverboard in the movie and thinking “I want that, I want to fly 5 inches above the ground even though there’s no point in doing that.” Well, dreams come true.

Recently there have been quite a lot of hover tech developments with many videos popping up on youtube regarding hoverboards but sadly those videos are never true. A cheap gimmick to get likes.

But Lexus the carmaker who’s videos have some credibility have released a video titled “Amazing in Motion” which does seem very promising. Lexus claims to have invented a hoverboard called ‘Slide’ which is said to use magnetic levitation to achieve amazing frictionless movement. It uses liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors along with magnets to allow it to levitate while a person rides it. I didn’t get a word of what I typed either. The material applied is a mix of natural bamboo and other materials used in making Lexus vehicles. People, I present to you the future try not to fall off though, that’s really uncool.