Game Boy: Get your game on.

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How big is your game? That’s what the world wants to know. There is no room for second best.  You don’t want to be clubbed with the rest. So how does the modern man get his game on? Image and impeccability go hand in hand gentlemen, so let the games begin.

1. The Hair

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You have no game if your hair is akin to that of a hobo. Smelly, flaky and caked? Go home and do some justice to your hair and the scalp it calls home. Invest in yourself and the rewards will follow. The Man Company has some great hair remedies which you have to check out.

2.  The Mug shot

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Dry patches, dead skin and a whole lot of trouble. That’s what the cute girl at the bar is going to think when she sees you up close. If you can’t take care of your face , there ain’t no going back to your place. Moisturize the skin and give it some TLC, tender loving care!
If you are sporting some facial hair, no problem get that look well done.

3. The Body

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Your body is a temple so make sure it is where you worship. And temples need some work to be maintained. Get onto a workout regimen where it pays to be akin to a Roma-Greco God whose earthly image inspired the works of many an artist. We offer you great products to complete your physical appeal. And to be more God like.

4. The Attire

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Dress for the grand game. Be the Alpha of the pack when it comes to gearing up for that party on Saturday. Prove that you can be the Weekend Warrior with a look that rocks and takes no prisoners. I personally dig the style of George Michael in the 80’s with that leather jacket and jeans. Or even Barney in a Top Gear jumpsuit

5. The Wheels

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So that dude has a set of wheels , so do you. The best set that is that is. No matter how many wheels you have , make sure it is the best thing money can buy at the moment. Because let’s face it. There is more sex appeal with a Classy and well done Contessa than a barely maintained Corolla.

6. The Comm

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If ever anyone thinks of how to look sophisticated , tech-saavy and trendy at the same time, it is about the mobile phone you flash when you get that oh so important call. Also, you can show off your swank with unique features and apps!

7. The Musical Instrument


No woman can deny the appeal of a man who knows how to make music.
Give a substantial amount of time in knowing the musical craft. Also, spend enough cash on the right gear to catch their ear and voila! A Performer!

8. The Gaming Rig

Yosub Kim, Content Strategy Director gaming 90s video games retro GIF

What is a game boy without his rig of choice ? Modern day consoles and gamining PCs offer great gaming experiences and it always pays to be aware of gaming trends. You watch E3 don’t you? Trust me once you mastered this, you can always make the games
“multiplayer” wink wink.

So, let the games begin gentlemen.

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