Being Tony Stark – “Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist”

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Much before my love for Tony Stark Ever since he was a wee little lad, this writer has always been a superhero fan boy. Of course, as a young gun my first favourite superhero was The Amazing Spider Man. His true and secret identity was that of a nerdy student with scientific interests and pursuits.  By the time the terrible teens rolled in, The Incredible Hulk and his angst and guilt driven alter ego of Bruce Banner was what I could most easily identify with.

Cue adulthood and it’s time to get responsible, reliant and above all … respected! One has to be subtle, suave and not savage. An image has to be cut, a role model to regale the fans, an indelible man. Now one might ask how we reconcile comic book super-phenomena with real life. What kind of super hero persona could possibly hope to be a shining example as to how a modern man should be?

That question’s answer exists in the form of Anthony Edward Stark; call him Tony – “Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist”. And yes, Superhero too. The man behind the mask of the Invincible Iron Man! And this is how you, yes you at home can look and feel like a million dollars.

1.The Suit

tony stark


You would be forgiven in thinking that we are going to be talking about the various Marks of Iron Man armour, but this article will indeed be about the man under the metal. A little sneak peek into the Iron Man film credits throws some light on this matter. They list an American designer label as the one responsible for Mr. Stark’s incredible clothing. But you don’t have to break the bank for this one dudes!

Here are a few ideas as to how to garner attention to your threads.

First of all, the fabric. Whether it’s the corporate first impression or that exclusive night club, it’s a good breathable fabric that is going to provide a level of comfort that makes you want to live in it. The colour of the fabric does not have to be loud. Have a look at some of Stark’s scenes in the suit. Is it garish? No. Is it confident? You can bet your bottom dollar it is. In terms of fabric print and colour, Stark’s product demonstration scene in the first Iron Man movie depicts him wearing a deep blue pinstripe pattern. This is a no fail formula in business fashion.

Repeat. After. Me.

Deep Blue Pinstripe. Now get down to the best tailor money can buy!

The Fit. This is where “the wear” goes wrong for many men. If your suit has the thread but not the taut , you are not going to land a date with Aunty Sita let alone Samantha. It has to fit your body right. Generally speaking there are three major suit types – The American, The English and The Italian. The modern American style is the most well known and the design Stark goes along with. Fundamental characteristics include a single breasted coat with two or three buttons (Highly recommend the two, in my personal opinion), cut to the body and with enough leeway at the arms to display cuffs. Trousers with no pleats and straight lines are the way to go.

2.The Gear


Clothes make the man. Gear completes him. Of course, if an Audi R8 is the first thing in your mind and you got the moolah for it, get out there and get it! Then come back and read the rest.

First up, (Skipping the car of course) are Mr. Stark’s shades. He is first seen wearing a pair of wraparound glares comprising of a polished stainless steel frame with UV 400 protection. These frames are unmatched in persona projection. He then uses a pair with the blending of a dominant shade of red and steam punk design aesthetic. These, in my humble (brag) opinion, are super cool!

Personally, I am a sucker for neck ties. Stark isn’t seen without one when he has his bespoke suit on. His choice revolves around confident colors with a silk or satin-like finish. If you are to start out with ties, your first tie should be of a solid colour as opposed to a print, as the former can go well with most shirt patterns. This is not including poor colour combinations between shirt and tie.

You know the drill when it comes to shoes, boys. Colour coordinating your footwear with the belt piece you are sporting is a basic style rule. Mind you, it pays to get a comfortable pair. Remember we talked about exclusive nightclubs earlier? Hence, ensure your footwear is not the end of you when that hot dance track comes about and you have to bust a groove.

Watches. Gentlemen, you most definitely cannot be seen in public without wearing a timepiece. And it better be a good one. A steel finish chronograph will pack enough punch to make a statement, when you hold that champagne flute. (See , this is why we wear suits that display cuffs)

3. The Know-how

tony stark


Stark uses the ‘Genius’ word first when he is asked to describe himself without his signature armor. Guys, there is a reason why, and it is because he knows exactly what he is primarily and that is someone with a rocket scientist level intellect. Also, intelligence is sexy.

I am not emphasizing this enough. I once struck up a conversation with a bored girl at a boring dance which was entirely about DNA and related topics, and I am an MBA! Okay, I don’t claim to be a genius but do enough reading and you could be the next amateur rocket scientist.

One must also have the know-how in the field you are already in. Study the market, do networking and exchange information. Knowledge is indeed power

4. The Player and the Game

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Not just a player of hearts, Antony Stark is a player in high stake games of business, politics and saving the day one day at a time. I have no doubt that as a modern day businessman and international political figure, Mr. Stark has read Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”.

Furthermore, equipping yourself with the best equipment, hiring the right members of your team and managing them are the things what will make you win the game. Investments done at the right time and with right focus will be your first steps towards being a “billionaire“.

5. The Heart

tony stark


Finally, All the points I have made above would amount to nothing if I didn’t offer you this caveat or warning. Do not let yourself get cocky in the pursuit of redefining yourself. I knew one guy who tried to cover the Tony Stark look down to the facial hair. It still didn’t change the fact that he remained a jerk.

Tony learned a great lesson in humility during his unfortunate period of captivity in the Middle East. As a newly reformed philanthropist with literally a new heart, he completely shuts down his weapons division and tries to remove the jerk side of his personality.

Lastly, remember, there is only one and only one Tony Stark. However, if you do want to look worth a billion, get your groom on. And by that I mean grooming. And, it all starts from premium grooming products from The Man Company.

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