How to do Valentines’ Day right in 2017? Gentlemen, Read on!

valentines day, 2017, ideas
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Listen up mate, you’re reading this because flowers and chocolates have run their course. You’ve taken the 1st step towards lifting your love game, by wanting to change the routine gifting options and you’re here because you want ideas. We are here to put your worries to rest.

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, whether you ascribe to it or not, its a good time as any to show that you care. Its just not words that you are good at, but this is a time also to show how much you understand her and who she is.

Whatever might be her thing, you’re a true gentlemen, if you make her feel special.

valentines day, 2017, ideas

Put it into action!

  1. Get those creative juices going.She likes being on one end of the lens or the other, if she likes getting clicked, get her a photo-shoot, or take a weekend course on photography with her. You’ll have learned a new skill and well, she, will have a great new experience.
    get those creative juices going!

    Create some memories!



    Coloring, with a whole segment of various themed adult coloring books, is a great way to rekindle some good ol’ times of childhood as well as a great way to combat stress. You might be perceived as kiddish, but trust me you and her will bond on this on a whole new level.

    several benefits of being creativity!

    Benefits Galore!

    Ditch the movies, go for a play instead. Ditch the loud synthetic music of your favorite pub, go for a live band performance instead. you’ll have added a very memorable night to your relationship scrap book.

    catch the new play or a new band

    Bring out the Artsy side!


  2. Baby’s Day Out (in the city)!  

How much do you know about the nooks and spots of the city that you two live in? Go exploring the city with all its glory of the night.

Discover your City again together!

        Living in a city makes us all immune to the charms of it, the allure of our city. If you’re significant other likes the idea of discovery,     this is the idea where you should put your money on. Become a tourist in your city again.

valentines day ideas, gentlemen

Be a tourist in your city again!


Do something for her, that she and you wouldn’t usually do.

Rediscover the joys!

If shopping is what makes her happy, let her have it. She might not need your wallet for her list, give her your time and definitely carry her bags.

Give her some Retail therapy!


Pack a picnic basket and head out for a day out in the sun amidst nature. Enjoy the scenes and company.

Make a picnic basket!


3. For the Outdoorsy!

Going on a vacation, together, should be an activity guided by personality types. There are places and landscapes for all personalities. These places call out to your inner self and here is where you will feel most contended.

Pick a beach if the site of an endless sea in front and sands is where she finds peace.

vacations, holidays, valentines day

Endless Possibilities! 


If your lady loves nature, take her and conquer the mountains together. There’s no experience more life affirming that conquering a mountain. (size doesnt matter!)

Nature in all its glory!


hot-air ballooning, snorkeling, parasailing, deep sea diving, bungee jumping and a host of other adrenaline pumping activities are being organized nowadays at a location near to you, give these a try if you like the hearts going.

Rise in Love!

4. Bringing Romance Indoors!

If for you romance blooms on home turf, there are things you can do a lot, without too much expense.

For starters, taking up a long-talked about DIY project or a re-decorating job in your home! Let it be a fun, exciting, playful event to be cherished.




Have a go at the paints!



Treat her to a day of great, made by you, especially for her, food. Whether she loves gourmet or desi, whether she likes it in a certain way or another, make sure you put serious effort into this! You will not regret the effort my friend!


Be her Chef! and finally….


Explore Away!

Yes, you read right! At the end of it all, love is about exploring and knowing another human being in all their glory. So if you are in love then my friend i suggest, take your love game to the next step by making some inspired plans.

There are more quickfire tips coming your way in the next few days to give a massive push to your Valentines’ Day plans!

Stay tuned till then and start planning.


How to do Valentines' right? Gentlemen, Read on!
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How to do Valentines' right? Gentlemen, Read on!
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