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Buying presents for guys can be tricky. And even more so, when that guy is your special someone. I mean, you want the present to be intimate enough, and yet decidedly masculine. Well, enter The Man Company’s Gift Boxes (please play appropriate introductory music in your head 😉 )

1.     His #BeardIsBae

A guy who loves his beard, and who wears it with panache, will love the Almond & Thyme Beard Box. It’s a great kit for someone who wants to shower a lot of TLC on his special bae (umm.. the beard, in this case!)

The beard oil and beard wash contain 100% natural essential oils. Because obviously, nothing that’s less than perfect would cut the mustard for his bae 🙂

The thing about these products is – They have all the good ingredients that make it effective for beard grooming. You know, nourishing, moisturizing, softening and smoothening. But it’s the earthy scent of this wonderful herb Thyme that has an amazingly calming effect!

It comes with beard trimming scissors of course. And Boyar – it’s a special beard comb that’s hand-crafted from neem wood. It’s great for all kinds of facial hair and takes care of the sensitive skin at the same time.

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2.     Sexy And He Knows It

The stud who knows he can sweep anyone off their feet with his charm and raw sex appeal would take the Hunk Gift Box as a compliment too 😉

The Ginger & Lime Body Wash is a hero for a guy in a country like ours. Great antioxidant, toning, astringent properties. And hang on, ginger’s known to be an aphrodisiac (Google it if you don’t know. Trust me, you want to know 😉 )

There’s a Black Pepper & Bergamot Body Wash as well. It’s the perfect skin detox. A guy who struggles with acne, pimples, and marks – his skin will thank him for this product!

And since the whole world is going crazy about the magical benefits of Moroccan Argan Oil for the hair, how could we forget that? There’s an Argan & Almond Hair Oil as well as a Shampoo made from these amazing ingredients.

Chamomile – that green tea you love because it relaxes you? Turns out, it relaxes your scalp as well. And that’s what gives the Roman Chamomile & Brazilian Rosewood Shampoo a place in this kit.

3.     Definitely Edgy

Know a guy who’s always ready to experiment with a new trend? That’s the kind who would appreciate the Cleansing Trio.

Cleansing products with Charcoal are the new in-thing  – the superhero ridding the world of skin problems (in case you’ve been living under a rock!) Which is why, this guy must get his hands on this range pronto!

This range has a Face Scrub, Body Wash and Shampoo – all of which have this superhero ingredient. Of course, it’s a multi-starrer, and superstar ingredients like Lemongrass, Cinnamon, Peppermint and Clove – all have significant roles to play!

The makings of a block-buster, right? 🙂

4.     The King of Vanity

The Indian version of a Barney Stinson? He deserves the Bounty Gift Box, a wonderfully indulgent grooming kit

That liquid gold I just told you about? Ya, Moroccan Argan Oil. It makes its appearance here as well – both Oil and Shampoo are part of this gift box. And there’s a bonus product with this hero – an Argan & Mint Soap Bar to pamper the skin.

Of course, the vanity extends to his stubble or mane. That’s why the Almond & Thyme Beard Oil and Beard Wash! And that Boyar.

You think he’d be okay giving the Charcoal a miss? No way! Which is why, the king of vanity must have the Charcoal Soap Bar in his gift box.

And that was a round-up of the definitive best in gift boxes for men 🙂

Wonderful luxury products that actually work. Yup, that’s what makes them best-sellers.

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