Give extra horsepower to your look – Biker Attire

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So here it is. Your new ride of the power of 19 horses surging through your engine of 350 CC. You can’t wait for the THUMP! You caress the chrome of the chestnut red tank. Respect. Yes , you command it and ride it.

But are you dressed for it?

It is sad to see Harleys ridden by folks who deem it ok to wear chappals , vests and no head gear. If you don’t believe me, you obviously haven’t spent a lot of time in Goa. Here, the roads are indeed a pleasure to cruise on but come on people, you have to look the part of an easy rider. (Great movie by the way, Easy Rider)

Let’s put some horsepower to your look Cowboy, It’s time to slap some leather! Here are some Biker Attire essentials.

Leather Jacket

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To look like a highway star you are going to have to start with some serious leather. A leather jacket is a mandatory part of your rider persona, you better not leave home without it. In addition to its badass look, when it comes avoiding road rash, a leather jacket will be your best friend, second only to your helmet. Coming to which…


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Protect your head you only have one. It riles me up when I see riders of high end machines like Benellis and Enfields sporting those damn cheap glares as the only gear on their head. It goes to show that these are amateur riders who don’t have safety high on their priority list. Now I am not being a bore and just saying get a helmet because of the aforementioned reasons. There are a lot of kick ass looking helmet options that will not break your bank.


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Cannot be overlooked, gloves can really save your fingers at the most and protect them from the elements at the very least. Have you ever ridden in the monsoon on your two wheeler? Without gloves? The falling rain feels like prickly needles over and over and over again. Once again, get great gloves. Not only is it a safety measure but it makes you look like you get your motor running on a regular basis.


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Be cool. On a sunny ride your eyes are going to need all the protection they can get. Opt for some cool glares to show that you were born to be Wild. With a capital W.


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Needless to say. It’s primarily about the safety. Doesn’t mean that they have to look mundane. These come in various forms and heights but calf high boots with good weight and strength will not only complete the look from top to down but will add a sense of gravitas to the whole and complete package. And before you get on that ride, make sure to style up with premium grooming products from The Man Company.

Here’s hoping gentlemen, that you take these words of wisdom that I have imparted on you and claim the road as your own. Because the world is an engine and you were to drive it!


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