By Ananya Mukherjee

November begins on a brave note as the hairiest month of the year. Originally started by a couple of Australians as a tribute to the dying ‘moustache’, Moustache November celebrated the return of the good old mo. Over a decade back, this fun movement transformed into two social campaigns to raise awareness about men’s health. ‘Movember’ (grow your mo) and ‘No Shave November’ (don’t shave) are celebrated to bring the spotlight on prostrate cancer, testicular cancer and other men’s health issues.

The Man Company completely endorses the movement and encourages our bros to let it grow freely this month!


Source: Facebook/NoShaveNovember

You can do your bit by:

1. Donating your month’s shaving fund to the not-for-profit No-Shave Organization or Movember Foundation that fund cancer research

2. Using your hairy appearance as a conversation starter on healthissues (think of yourself as a billboard talking about men’s health)

3. Expressing solidarity with cancer patients who lose hair

4. Spreading the word by sharing your ‘letting-it-loose’ pictures, tagging pals and letting everyone know about the cause