Hair Wax vs. Hair Pomade

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If you would like to master different hairstyles, hair styling products for men can make the job easier. Products such as hair waxes and even pomades can help you style and groom your hair with ease. A lot of men think that new hairstyles require a lot of effort, but that’s not true. What is true is that different styles require different kinds of products to get the desired results. While people know quite a bit about hair wax  many are aware of what exactly the difference between a pomade and hair wax is.

If you are someone who experiments with different hairstyles, knowing their details and the differences amongst them can help you choose better.

Let’s get to know what the difference between a pomade and hair wax is, even though they all serve the purpose of styling your hair.


Pomades are available in 2 variants, i.e. water based and petroleum based. Petroleum based pomades are made from real petroleum and greasy substances, which result in high shine and strength, whereas the water soluble ones are light and, as the name suggests, soluble in water. They are more versatile than the former and obviously easier to wash out.

While you might think that the grease based pomades provide an extra strong hold, the water-based ones are no less when it comes to the strength of the hold.

The key advantage of water based pomades is that they can be washed out with ease, which is better for your hair and scalp.

Keeping this in mind, a good option for hair styling products is The Man Company Hair Styling Pomade, Sportivo, made for that ultra-glam look with a strong hold and shine.  Free of petroleum jelly, it has vitamin E and B5 for extra nourishment. It keeps the hair in place to give you a defined look and an extended hold to look your best all night long. 

This water based pomade is also SLS and paraben free and has a great holding formula that can last for 6 to 8 hours. Just take some between your fingertips and rub it between your hands. Rake your fingers through your hair, all the way out from the roots to the tips. Then, style the hair as you’d like to.

Using a pomade for men is suitable for men’s hairstyles such as a slick back, fade, quiff, comb over or even an intricate hair style such as a pompadour. Pomades are also suitable for men with dry and dull hair.

Hair wax

Hair wax on the other hand, contains ingredients such as lanolin wax or beeswax. Hair wax is best suitable for men with normal to oily hair, with the length varying between short and medium. You can do so much with hair waxes. Even after a workout session at the gym, you can style your hair easily by using a hair styling wax.

Before using any hair wax, you must take care that the hair needs to be completely dry as applying wax over wet hair won’t work well.

Hair wax is great for adding some texture and thickness to your hair so that they look styled. Men with extremely frizzy hair can also try hair wax is as it can tame down the frizz effectively. Wax does not clump your hair, unlike hair gels. Rather, it gives you more control over your hairstyle.

By using a hair wax you can keep your hair looking sleek and styled all through the day. Take a small amount of wax on your finger, rub them between your palms and apply to your hair from the roots till the tips.

A good hair wax can also be used for a variety of hairstyles for men, such as comb over, slick back, and spiky hairstyles for men with normal to oily hair.
Make sure that you use a good quality hair wax for men, such as The Man Company Machismo Hair Styling Cream Wax, which gives you a stronghold without harming your hair or scalp. This water soluble product is free of petroleum jelly and gives nourishment to your hair. Made of 100% natural beeswax, it doesn’t make the hair dry and is extremely easy to wash out. The hair wax comes with the great holding formula that can last for the whole day.

Now summarising, what suits you the best when it comes to pomades or hair wax? When you want an all-day matte finish, use a hair wax. However, if shine is what you want, especially for the evenings, go for the pomade. The quantity of either of the two depends on the volume and length of your hair.

To get rid of any hair styling product residue from your scalp and hair, a good idea is to use a deep-cleansing shampoo. The Man Company’s Charcoal Shampoo is an effective product that helps cleanse the scalp and hair thoroughly while getting rid of the product residue which may damage your hair in the long term. 

To further nourish and condition your hair, a good hair oil is a must. Oil your hair regularly with a natural hair oil such as The Man Company’s Argan & Almond Hair Oil to maintain good hair health.

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