Host The Perfect Christmas House Party & Look Your Best For It.

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The holiday season is upon us. And it is time for those highly awaited winter parties. The rooftop drinks, the lawn get-togethers and the busy gatherings around the Christmas trees. So get ready to shine through the fog, embrace the cold, and roll up your sleeves to fire up the bonfires.


It’s the season of cheer and merriment. So make sure you invite the right people for the mix. A right balance of the enthusiastic conversation-starters with some pundits always make sure the party has stimulating conversations; a must to make sure that the party never slows down.


Make sure of the food habits of your guests before hand. And plan your menu accordingly. You don’t want crinkled-nosed guests standing hungry and cranky in the middle of your floor. Neither do you want to go hunting for Tofu in the middle of a raving party, in your own house. And have loads of them. Now is the perfect time to explore the recipes you have stuck on the refrigerator all year long; with an added festive flare.


A perfect combination would be hot chocolate, eggnog and warm apple cider on the stove. It will fill up the room with the scents of Christmas. And greatly add to the spirit. The more serious drinks will waft in anyway. Remember it is the season when the most-favoured carry alongs to a party are generally wine bottles.


Remember your guests and plan your playlist accordingly. It’s always safe to start off with a few old seasonal gems. People are always grateful to curators of nostalgia. Stay away from the connoisseurs’ favourites. Exclusivity might alienate a section of your guests. And you might soon have them making excuses to leave.


Just preparing the place, consumables and music won’t do. Make sure you are prepared to host and look the party: the master of ceremonies. No one wants to see the host walking around look like Halloween in a Christmas party. Unless it’s a party for ghosts, which I am assuming you are not hosting. So get your grooming game on, spray on some charm and have a Jolly Good Christmas.

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