1. Giving attention

Giving attention to your child is really important. Sometimes, things go unnoticed. You have to take care of that.

2. Be simple

When explaining something to your child, try to explain in the simplest manner. The more profound a thing is, the harder it is to understand. That’s where they get confused and lose focus.

3. Try some activities

Play something together, watch his/her favorite cartoon, ask some questions or just go for a walk together. These things make the child get closer to you.

4. Be calm

The whole process can be tedious, but as long as you are controlling your emotions and anger, it’s okay. They’ll question you several times over a simple thing, but you have to make them understand. They’ll learn seeing how you behave. Try and be a role model!

5. Point of view

See things from their point of view. There is a huge gap between your ages, try and understand what exactly they are trying to say. Ask them nicely, try not to yell and they’ll spill it all out.