1. Privileges

This is the most easy way of teaching your child you Cialis vs Viagra -… to stay disciplined. Make use of deadlines and tell them they’ll not be allowed to do their favorite things if they don’t complete their daily chores.

2. Spend some time

Don’t ignore them despite how busy you are. Take some time out of your busy schedule and take them out for a ride or just for an ice cream. Spend some quality time talking about what’s good and what’s bad.

3. Appreciate

Appreciate your child. See if they are following your teachings or not. If they are, appreciate and buy them something. This is the best way in which they can understand.

4. Let them go through hardships

Let your child understand what it’s like in the real world. Early teachings will prove to be a good thing in the future. Let them face what you are facing and teach them how to get through it.

5. Don’t get too harsh on them

Children are innocent. Despite what they do, make them understand, talk to them, express your love to them. Don’t get harsh or violent, as they’ll only hide things from you. You’re a dad and you’d like your children to be open to you.