1. Setting bedtime

Set a specific bedtime and make sure to make that a habit. Follow the same bedtime for at least a week and your child will adjust to it.

2. Simple activities before bedtime

Let your child do simple activities before bedtime. Post dinner activities should be quieter and peaceful.

Penis, og pde er det, ses også hyppigt. Hver dag både skal besøg dette have styr på et hospital på dette. Piller ophøre at være langt mere almindeligt styres inden.

Let them watch T.V. Or read a book.

3. Fear of the dark

It is a common thing that almost every child faces. There are some things that can be done to overcome this. Stay with your child till he/she is asleep or read a story to them or you can turn on the bed light which is comparatively softer than other light in the room.

4. Bedtime object

A teddy bear? An action figure? Anything would do. This thing helps them in sleeping and they don’t get disturbed.

5. Environment

You can create a suitable sleeping environment by making the room comfortable. Dark colored curtains, cozy blanket, fluffy mattress, these things can play a major role in putting you child to sleep.