The process of applying cologne Is not rocket science. All you have to keep in mind are the pulse points on which a cologne should be applied. As we know that a deodorant is different than a perfume. A deodorant is comparatively lighter and that’s the reason why we have to be careful when it comes to a perfume. We should keep a check on the following things:-

1. Don’t apply it everywhere

A perfume should only be applied on your pulse points, not all of them, just a couple. Namely, your neck on your wrists.

2. Take a small amount

Only a small amount should be applied when it comes to perfume. Remember, it’s not a deodorant!

3. Do not apply it on your clothes!

Never apply perfume on your clothes. Two things will happen, it’ll evaporate quickly and it might leave stains on your favorite shirt.

4. It’s not for your body odor

A perfume should not be applied to bottle up your body odor. It’s applied for a pleasant fragrance. You don’t want to mix up the cologne smell with your body odor. You can imagine how nasty it’ll be!

5. Storage and application

The last but not the least thing is that you have to store your cologne away from direct sunlight else it’ll make the fragrance evaporate and you certainly don’t want to splash water every day! Always apply your perfume or cologne from 10 inches away.