Independence Day Special: Free To Groom

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Every gentleman deserves the right to self-care.

Can men have a skincare regime?

Can men use a lip balm?

Can men own more than one grooming product?

Can men use cosmetics?

We have just two words to answer these questions.


Back in the day, when the subject of male grooming came up, most people just rolled their eyes, thinking that the person asking was going mad because to groom, soap is all that a man needs.

However, lately, the men’s grooming industry is growing, and the taboos around male beauty are falling flat.

And, amidst all these advancements, we at The Man Company believe that to be able to groom freely is a gentleman’s right.

Here is how we do it, one step at a time:

It All Starts With Cleansing:

Taking care of your skin is not a luxury but a necessity. The skin works as the outer protective covering of the body, where pollution, dirt and grime can take a toll on its health. With a range of body washes and face washes, we are trying to give men and their skin a prospect of gentle cleansing and care.

Hair Care All The Way:

Men may agree or may not, but they are very particular about their hair. And we believe that hairstyles can accentuate a man’s style quotient. That is why we have products ranging from shampoos, conditioners, and oil to spray, styling wax and a head massager to pamper the hair and its needs.

For The Glow:

There is nothing complicated about taking care of one’s skin, and following a skincare regime religiously can work miracles on men’s skin. So one should start using serums every day and packs, scrubs and sheet masks once a week to get the glow going.

The Holy Grail Of Skincare:

The most crucial part of skincare is, without any doubt, moisturising. No matter what, one should never skip this part for healthy and hydrated skin. We at The Man Company have a range of face moisturisers and body lotions to keep men’s skin well nourished.


Damage caused by UV light is not alien to anyone, and sunscreen is necessary to protect one’s skin from these harmful radiations. We have a range of sunscreens to protect from sun damage. Also, we have products with Blue Light Technology, which protects skin from indoor lights and screens.

Beard & Shave:

For the hairy glory, we have premium products that take care of the cleansing, styling, growth and nourishment of the beard and skin underneath. And for those who like it clean, we have soothing shaving foam and creams to give men an unmatched experience.

Scentsational Treats:

The final step of grooming is fragrance. And finding the best-suited perfume can be tricky but not impossible. We have a plethora of fragrant options to take one’s grooming a notch higher.

Freedom To Choose:

We have products like Under Eye Gel, Lip Balm, Hair Removal Cream, Intimate Foaming Wash, and Foot Deodoriser, which for the longest time were considered as products needed by women only, but weren’t all other products too? There might still be a stigma attached to using one such product but remember, if you want to use something, do it without fearing anything.

The modern men of India are becoming as comfortable as females and doing everything to pamper themselves right. And let’s hope this will continue.

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The most valuable thing a man has at his disposable is his time. The truth is, men are constantly bombarded with Do's and Don't in every aspect of their life. The constant mental struggle and the fear of conformity holds back great men from taking charge and leading their lives from within.

Being a gentlemen is a journey, something that a man continually strives to be, rather than a destination. And once you decide to take on this journey from being a Man to modern Gentleman, The Man Company promises you to help you in the pursuit.

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