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It takes a lot to be a Man. You could be anywhere, in life or the world, the only thing that carries with you is the fact that you are the man. The deepest pit, the highest mountain, losing a loved one, seeing your child being born. Losing a job or making it that coveted corner office. The only constant in the continuum is your balance of effort and experience of both the good and bad.



Be still in your resolve. There are fine lines between the three characteristics of stubbornness, obstinacy and standing your ground- knowing them makes all the difference. It becomes easy if you’re honest, it becomes tough if you’re of the fickle kind. Standing your ground for the right causes and unwavering no matter what the persuasion, is the mark of a man who wants to make something of himself.

Know your battles

know your battles

You have only so much time in this world and there’s only so much that you can do, so know the battles worth fighting for. What you want is coveted by someone else and it needs a thorough analysis of yourself and your goals to determine what you should do. It doesn’t make sense to fight for a small tiff if it costs you time and the larger goal at hand.



There will be times when you will be required to intercede. Don’t look forward to these situations as a means of solving a crisis. Look at them as times to bring two parties together to work for a greater good- whether at work or in your personal life. Just remember that they are asking you to intercede for a solution basis the options they already have, you just need to be composed and help them arrive at a decision with sound logic.

Be Aware

be aware

Don’t just see, observe the world around you. Even the tree you stand under everyday has a new leaf each day. The leaf has colour, patches, stems, capillaries, different shades, softness & hardness and much more. Observe the world around you to know what is happening in your locality, to what is going on in the world. This is not just for conversations with people you rarely meet but for your own growth. To let you think, to be a part of the larger scheme of things.

One day at a time

one day at a time

Every day is a new day and it comes with its own experiences & learnings. If you think that you have a routine to follow, then let your ‘Me’ time be the moment of discovery. Each moment of happiness comes hand-in-hand with its own set of issues, instead of getting overwhelmed by the problems look at the bright side of things.

Being a man, you are supposed to be an infinite reservoir of patience and tolerance. And you need is a smile. The power of a smile in anything that you do and face, will show itself in the craft that you keep honing every day. So, step up, see living as a continuous change and not a step-wise process and be the MAN.

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