Being Trustworthy

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It takes a lot to be a Man. Being trustworthy is the single biggest thing a man can be. What defines trust? What defines being dependable? What makes a man reliable? What makes a man see the right thing at the fork roads? Does being with a woman define a man? Do taking care of things define a man? Every man goes through the throngs of life to know what makes him what he becomes.



Speaking the truth and the whole truth and nothing but the truth isn’t the only definition of a man. Honesty is an innate quality that makes a man into who he shapes up to be. And being honest with himself is the biggest thing that defines him. A white lie here or there is still a lie and needs to be halted wherever it happens. Being honest is much beyond than just speaking the truth. It’s about being true to the craft that one has dedicated himself to and being true to the cause he wants to achieve.



A man is Trustworthy when he can be depended upon. A man of his word is not just a phrase to throw about in a conversation, it is a trait that is inculcated from the small things like getting the grocery to the big things like keeping the finances in check.



Reliability is not an interchangeable word with dependability. It is a commitment. It is the ability to impose on oneself, the trust that someone else puts on you. It is the ability to walk up to someone and say the right thing, at the right time and at the right place. As in property where it’s all about location, when it comes to reliability it is all about timing.

Respect & Faith

respect and faith

Two sides of a coin, respect & faith go hand in hand. You respect someone you have faith on and you have faith in someone who you respect. Respect is not just to be given but also had for oneself. Self-respect is all about knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Having faith in yourself is the ability to gauge your ability to go through a task to its completion.


available always

Honesty, dependability, reliability, respect & faith have no value if you aren’t available. Being present in the here and now, instead of a promise of being available in the future is of much more value than anything else. Knowing that you are just a call away to talk from the heart, knowing that you are just a call away to be with the person at the other end, knowing that you are just a call away to help someone in need in the middle of the night- all these, give strength to the people who count on you.

Being trustworthy is a quality which is defined by people outside of you. This means that you are defined trustworthy by what you do. But it is much more important to be trustworthy to yourself. And it doesn’t happen at a snap of the fingers. It happens when you start slow, go steadily at it and be the MAN.

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