There’s a new travel jacket coming soon which surpasses all travel jackets that have been made. The point is how many things a jacket can hold? This jacket can hold all the things a backpack can! Don’t trust us. Have a look for yourself!

Made from 100% cotton, this jacket is worth buying. Keeping the fashion quotient in mind, this jacket is designed for comfort, hold things and be a wind breaker. On top of it all, it is water repellent too! You can wear this in winters too as it is has built in gloves too!

Let’s cut to the chase, what all you need in a travel jacket? Space? Is that it? This one has a lot of it. Apart from space, it has a neck pillow, earphones holder, and eyes mask and a freakin iPad holder! Who gives out space to hold an iPad in a jacket! Its zipper is not just a zipper. It’s a telesonic pen and a stylus!

Made by Baubax, the founder and the designer are Indians! It simply tells us that we are way ahead in thinking and innovating things. This jacket is available on pre-order and it’ll officially roll out in November, 2015. The estimated price is around Rs.7000. You are probably thinking that why waste 7k for a jacket? Well, it’s not a jacket. It’s a backet! (Yeah I just formed this word.) See how innovative we are!

You can order this jacket directly from their website while others can wait for it to make its way to online shopping portals.