1. Ice cream taster

This is not much known in India, but we may see a professional ice cream taster soon. This job pays around $56,000 a year in West. The taster is also known as food scientist!

2. Live Mannequin

India will soon adopt this technique too. Live mannequins in America are common and are well paid. This job can pay up to 100$ per hour!

3. Personal Shopper

Personal shoppers are hired by businessmen and celebrities. A personal shopper’s job is to keep the person’s wardrobe up to date. You may pass by some people with amazing clothes or dressing sense and you may never know that they have a personal shopper (shhh!). It’s a well-paid job giving Rs.10000-Rs.40000!

4. Professional sleeper

Well, yeah! NASA was paying 18000$ just to watch you sleep! Many hotels also require professional sleepers and yes, they pay very well!

5. Slide tester

Water park slide tester??? Yeah! It pays around 30000$ just to test the slides! It is unusual and high paying!